What is an open heart?

We often think having an open heart is simply being a nice person. And yes, that’s true, but what if your open heart is a multi-faceted organ, which can take you on a journey of empowerment and enlightenment.

Having an open heart starts with being vulnerable because it helps us to work through our emotions rather than pushing them away. It is our vulnerability that fosters good emotional and mental health, and its our vulnerability that activates our courage. We build a resilient and brave heart when we embrace who we truly are, what we are feeling and what we stand for. – Its our resilience and bravery that allows our heart to stay open.

The practice of having an open heart allows us to stay in LOVE with life, which in turn takes us to higher levels of expectancy and experience.

Our open heart is the gateway to our higher heart, and our higher heart is the gateway to our high self; Our Soul.

In times of conflict or on going challenges we may want to close our hearts to all that is unpleasant, but of course that is the time to remember how our vulnerability allows us to step up into the realms of our greatest strengths, our invisible magnificence and our true quest in this lifetime.

Heart to Heart Shining Ones, Elizabeth

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