Connecting to the Light of your Higher Heart

Now, more than ever, we must allow, and learn to apply the heavenly science of the Light to help humankind.

The extraordinary celestial events and the increase of Solar (Soul) activity are affecting our collective vibration, and will for many years to come. We are regularly being showered with, and emerged in more Light than ever before. These activities bring the presence of a new force emerging in our bodies and our world, a force that evokes the Christic energy that lives within our Soul, and in our cells, which manifests spiritual wonderment.

Human beings once had the ability to perceive and understand the hidden, eternal truths via an inner spiritual knowing. This spiritual knowing was given to us as a result of our innate and eternal connectivity. However, the time came when we rendered ourselves mortal and corruptible, we received our outer knowing we now call the five senses.

Indeed, at present, our inner potential is enveloped in matter to the extent that the external eye cannot see into the spiritual realms, we are deaf to the sounds of the invisible world, we have forgotten how to listen to the silence, and our speech is hindered and can barely utter the words of the sacred.

These words were once ours, and through them we communed with the elemental forces and the external world. Therefore, we must re-learn this higher way in order to develop our lost inner potentiality that allows us to perceive the hidden and eternal truths.

It’s time for the greater truths concerning our Divine Nature to be shared throughout the world. Moreover, the Divine Light has ordained its usage so that the promise of great transformation can be brought about exactly at this time; many of us have held this space for worldwide healing since the beginning of time.

The essence of life lies in the Way of the Heart and in the conquering of our negative influences that create duality in our life. The great work in the world is acheived by restoring our social and spiritual fabric ~ And its the same law, the same order, and the same regularity, by which all beings are arranged in Nature.

This Solar activity is also magnifying our shadow attributes, we are literally being given the opportunity, over and over again, to connect to our point of light in our heart and become a pillar of Light for Humanity.

Each time we return to the Light of who we are ~ through the process of Correcting and Transforming our light and shadow attributes, we are strengthening, contributing and growing the Web of Life, which is directly connected to the Point of Light in our Higher Heart.

Our heart is literally the starting point to our own sacred geometry that connects us to everything.

After 30 years of devoted visioning, I am now in holy celebration ~ I believe we are indeed consciously participating in our own evolution at this auspicious time. I know it can feel like we’re doing the hard yards at times… but if we simply stop and remind ourselves how to make the connection, we soon find our pathway through, and our heavenly heart is our reliable compass.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound,

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