A time of new alignment

Dear Shining Ones,

As we continue to move through this deeply transformative time, we are being asked to go deeply into our emotional and physical healing. Even those of us who have been clearing, healing and doing this spiritual work for many decades, are also being encouraged to let go of issues we thought we had dealt with.

A new level of awareness is required for our spiritual evolution, and it is through our continued awakening this new awareness will become our collective reality.

When deep trauma is present in your Auric Field it can be a magnet for other negative energy, which can easily attach and stay there for many years. Often these “energies” are connected to these four forms of abuse; physical, emotional, sexual and substance.

As this new year is unfolding, notice a strong need for personal “boundaries” and a new ”awakened” level of desires, connected to your vocation, your friends, and your family.

These themes are being brought to your attention because there’s an even deeper level of clearing and creating taking place. It is only now, with this new available Light coming in, we’re able to clear and create at such a profound level, allowing us to put a new set of boundaries in place that Release and Banish these attached “energies” from our past, completely ~ making space your new awareness and timeline alignment.

Shining Ones, each of us are the gateway to the Fifth Dimension and beyond, but in order for us to enter this new reality, we must first become it.

I invite you to go deep and allow these old energies to be totally cleared out, and find true peace and beauty, which is rightfully yours. In doing so you will be filled with a renewed joy you can also contribute to the Unified Field – This is how we create and give love, this is what is meant by moving from a 3D reality to 5D reality and beyond.

Use this time of the year as a great oppurtunity to do “sacred ceremony” around releasing and banishing unwanted energies. And, I encourage you to work with this powerful time to align with your Angelic Forces. – Its time to United your Light, Shining Ones, and join forces with these higher powers, for the good of all, according to the free will of all.

(AURIC FIELD – According to spiritual beliefs, an aura or human energy field is a coloured emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. In some esoteric positions, the aura is described as a subtle body.)

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Elizabeth

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