Letting go of the OLD and creating our NEW STORY

We have now entered a new area and a new way of being, which is the next stage of growing a new humanity…

I love how this video shows that we can create a new story, and that we inhabit a world that consists of many worlds – Worlds within Worlds

As many of you know in 2011, I seeded an idea to Birth A New Humanity through the act of Social and Spiritual Synergy. I invited a group of women from my community to participate in a year-long social synergy venture, which formed the Unite Your Light | New Style Leadership group. Over a 2-year period, we brought forth the energy of the Awakened Sacred Feminine – and midway of that period, on the 22nd of the 12th 2012 we held an auspicious event, Rise Up – Birthing A New Humanity, which helped to build and bed down the power of the Awakened Sacred Feminine.

We have officially birth into the Age of Aquarius that began with the Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit on 21st of Dec 2020, we have arrived!

However, with any birth, there are labour pains that need to be endured and navigated through. These past few years have indeed marked a significant threshold in our evolution – the letting go of the old and the birth into a new way of being, is paramount. We must continue to hold strong with our authentic configurations of Light so that global conflict doesn’t take effect, as the consciousness of the new humanity is not aligned with this old way.

Note of Encouragement – The real change and evolution will come through creative, compassionate, and intuitive human beings who are willing to work out how to best support the world and its inhabitants.

Everything will change – This is the final act in an epic true story that will affect the whole planet and everyone on it – as an individual and a species.

Its time to fully embrace the Power and Light of the Divine Feminine

Our ability to know the Divine Feminine, brings with it our ability to live with Divine Presence. There is and will always be challenges with such awareness, which are divinely necessary for the growth of human beings.

Young of heart, young of mind, and young of spirit. This is the way, the wonder and the will of the way-shower. For in the nature of being “young” there is always the new.

The nature of Divine Presence is forever young by growing new intelligence. The nature of Creation is in all of us — for we are all created from that nature. We were once a light particle of Divine Presence, we are the Divine’s intention in motion. And we will be forever in the flow of creation because we have been born from the Light and nature of Divine Presence ~ Unconditional Love.

As human beings, we can only express a small piece of this majesty – but we are still a paradox of finite and infinite experiences. The duration of one’s life is indeed a snapshot of the nature of this brilliance and the practice and experience of social and spiritual synergy is indeed the evidence.

We are literally a complex, collaborative display of creation that has the ability to co-create with the Divine. The nature of the Divine Presence is always emerging, creative and inclusive. And when we are able to find that formula with-in us and with others, we connect to our true nature, which is the nature of the Divine Presence.

We can be and are Social and Spiritual Synergy in action.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth Ellames

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