the not ENOUGH syndrome

Everything in life is an inside job…

This simply means we have to look at what is going on within us in order to respond appropriately to what is going on outside of us.

Here are 3 popular areas where the not enough syndrome can often live-

  • Our Money
  • Our Image
  • Our Relationships

How do you FEEL when you read each of those dot points, do you have a inner response?

I ask that question because we often think that fixing those 3 areas of our life will be the answer to all our problems. But I’m going to suggest something much broader – What if, what seems to be a personal problem is actually connected to a much larger problem that continuously influences our response to most things.

And that “Thing” is a collective mindset around “Scarcity or Lack” – I call it The Not Enough Syndrome and unfortunately we are all in it together. It seems we have all bought into this crazy reality because we were and are still sold this limiting concept, to the point that it has become part of our invisible social fabric.

  • I dont have enough Money
  • I dont have enough Time
  • I dont have enough Nice clothes
  • I dont have enough Likes, Friends, or Followers

And this habitual thinking will often lead to I am not Enough – which is basicly because we think we are Our Money, Our Clothes and Who likes Us!

Now logically we know that is not true – but the evidence is showing us other wise.

  • How do you FEEL when you dont have much money in your purse or bank account?
  • How do FEEL when people dont click “like” on your posts or blog?
  • How do you FEEL when you dont know what to wear?

Like I said at the start, everything is an inside job because thats where the authentic truth is born about who you are. Its not out there, its in there, in YOU! The more you can live from a place of correcting and transforming what’s going on inside, the more space you have in you, to be what you want – YES, you read that right.

What you want is in you, your job is to find it – because you can only attract WHO you are, not what you want.

Now that’s easier said than done because of this collective mindset that we are all swimming around in called scarcity or lack – Moreover there arent signs up everywhere reading “There’s Not Enough”. No, the scarcity or lack billboards come in other forms that we have to learn to decode, thats if we want to be free from the the grip of the scarcity ogre that has tricked us in to thinking that there isnt enough for us all.

This is indeed a lie, and the truth is there is enough, there has always been enough and will continue to be enough. I am not saying that we must all believe in having an abundance, because that’s having MORE than enough. What I’m suggesting is by cultivating a mindset and lifestyle of HAVING ENOUGH we will begin to shift our reality to one of having exactly what we need, an adequate amount in life – especially of those things that are essential to our nature.

Resulting in a lifestyle that is directed and governed by our inner qualities that are indeed enough and are expressed as an exquisite work of ART in motion.

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth Ellames

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