Never Give UP!

Most of our major problems can be solved if enough people come together to create a new pattern of being; a new operating system for life on planet earth.

The good news is that this new operating system can actually be more enjoyable, creative, and even more fun than the old. You’ve probably wondered of late…

“What will it take for humanity to make this upgrade to a new way of being”?

I believe the upgrade is a new awareness about our true potential as human beings, which naturally express itself as healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous families, communities, and even countries.

My intention is to literally unite my LIGHT.

This involves each of us fully tuning in to our LIGHT and then shining our brightest potential, which invites others to do the same. Uniting your LIGHT consciously and continuously forms a physical and spiritual network that generates the light of truth, trust, clarity, and unity, which creates a collective transformation.

Our planet has everything we need, from enlightened teachers to solar farms, from ecovillages to conscious companies, from grassroots organizations to peace campaigns. We now have access to so many transformational traditions, social networks plus a myriad of new technologies. Yes indeed – It’s all happening and very fast, even in a pandemic. 

However, what the world doesn’t have yet is the power of true UNITY in our communities, which can integrate all the pieces of this new paradigm of living, and make it so attractive that doing anything else would seem outdated.

In 2011 Unite Your LIGHT was born – A small group who’s intention was to build a community of innovators, change agents, healers, teachers, artists, leaders, connectors and everyday heroes.

When humans come together to Unite Their Light it creates a web of empowerment that calls us into our highest potential and helps us serve the deepest needs of our world today and for our future.

My vision still involves building communities who recognize that human beings are designed to be contributors to the evolution of humanity. At each stage of my own development, my goal has been to foster the connectivity between people, ideas and resources that makes uniting our LIGHT possible. 

And my LIGHT Leadership model in communities has always been a central component in this collective vision; it gives people a safe environment to explore the true value of their leadership style; Demonstrating the power of LIGHT Leadership. 

It certainly is time for our humanity to move beyond a world of separation, where outrageous egos are fighting for their slice of the pie, to a world based on our powerful interconnection, which is infused with strength, compassion, beauty, forgiveness, kindness, and gratitude.

Let’s build and unite our LIGHT into a reflection of what’s best and brightest in us and make this way of being in the world a reality. And yes, there can be businesses built on all this, which is what makes it sustainable for everyone involved; Purposeful Enterprise is indeed the way of the future. My goal is to embody and promote unity-based principles at every level and truly serve in the transformation of humanity: the individual, the community, and the world. 

The major principles of Uniting Your Light

  • “Never Give UP”

  • “My responsibility to you is to be ME”

  • “The universal law of attraction guides us to, what it is we want to GIVE.”

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