What is my purpose?

Dear Shining Ones,  

“I’ve just returned from a Writers Workshop, which by the way, was great –

And while I was listening and soaking up all the amazing stories the writers shared about their journey, I was inspired and totally motivated to step out and step up.”

And then BAM!

Right on target, I sat down at my computer and I’m hit with a deep emotional outpour, YES, there it was a direct communication from my Spiritual-Self addressing me with…

“Elizabeth-Elizabeth” (which is my name in that realm) “What are you doing STOP with the distractions already, stop looking up information all the time, trying to get it RIGHT, and just WRITE for heavens sake – Before you had a computer, before people told you that you should write a book, you would write at every given moment. You did it because you loved it, and WHY did you? Because it made you feel connected to Source, to your Spirit, and above all to the Creator” 

Egyptian Solar Boat

So here I am again, back in the arms of my beloved Creator sharing my love with the world. And that LOVE comes in the form of storytelling, spirituality, and humanity. I now see that my SPIRIT had become exhausted at times waiting and waiting for me to remember who I really am, which is a Child of the Light.

This is who I am and who I shall always be. 

Hence why my work is totally infused with this message, which I have shared with all the women I’ve had the honor of working with over the years, but sometimes we just have to stop and listen to our SPIRIT calling us into the light.

These are the light codes that have always been my message, but they have just had a celestial upgrade! 

Use your LIGHT and use it well 

Unite Your LIGHT 

Invite the LIGHT

Bring in the LIGHT

Live in the LIGHT

Surrender and let the surrounding LIGHT do work

And even after all these years, it has become even clearer to me WHY I love the art of storytelling and working with archetypes. You see Attributes, Archetypes, Angels, and Avatars are actually portals and gatekeepers of the Light. They give us the opportunity to experience the beauty of the magnificent and the extraordinary yet tender language of the heart.

I am so glad that my spirit is bold enough to always return to my passion for Symbolism and Stories, which is also why I absolutely love Film, Art, and Photography – these creative mediums also need the presence of the light to bring out the quality of the artists’ message.

I view stories as the architecture of life and archetypes the architects…

Our personal and cultural stories are what we collectively call the human experience. And it’s our personal archetypes that govern our inner life and contribute to our life purpose. Archetypes are the age-old prototypes of human existence and have been with us since the birth of Mythology.

And they have been “en-lightening” us since the birth of humanity. 

While I was at the Writers Workshop the group was asked “what do you remember your message to be and is there a symbol that comes with that message?”

I suddenly recalled a song I wrote a few years back called Bring in the Light and then a vivid symbolic image of the Egyptian Solar Boat appeared, here is a description of what the image means – which of course happens to be metaphorically aligned with my Living Attributes Typology. 

Egyptian Solar Boat – According to Ancient Egyptian mythology the sun boat carry the solar god Ra across the heavens. The Sun Boat was a great ship, called the Barque of Ages or The Boat of a Million Years, which Ra and his companion gods sailed through the sky “Giving Light” and heat to the world and then through the dangerous journey of the night, sailing through the underworld (Duat). The companion gods of Ra helped defend the solar god against the evil serpent Apep, which represented the victory of right over wrong.Interestingly the “correct and transform” process that takes you from a shadow attribute to light attribute is a big part of the Living Attributes Typology!

The Sun Boat was also the barge in which the gods traveled between the worlds of earth and heaven. There were many prayers and spells to help the solar god Ra and the other gods in the sun boat overcome Apep the evil serpent. These spells and prayers were incanted by the Egyptian priests and priestess; the worshipers at the sun temples.

Such a brilliant confirmation for me around my work

Bring the LIGHT

If I shine on you, and you shine on me 

We’re gonna bring in the light

It’s gonna set us all free

We’re gonna bring it on home, you and me

We’re gonna shine that light, its gonna set us all free

Ya little sister you know, she gonna bring in the light

Ya little brother you know, he gonna bring in the light

Ya Mama you know, she gonna bring in the light

Her lovin you know, it gonna bring in the light.

Ya Papa you know, he gonna bring in the light

He gonna call in that light, he gonna bring in that light.

But THE MAN ‘you know, he wanna dim that light

He wanna hold on tight, he wanna dim that light.

So If I shine on you, and you shine on me

We’re gonna bring in the light

It’s gonna set us all free

We’re gonna bring it on home, you and me

We’re gonna shine that light

It’s gonna set us all free

Gonna set us all free

Gonna set us all free

by Elizabeth Ellames

4 Thoughts

    1. Thank you Shining One – I feel so alive with my work and where it is going – Thank you, Sally, for your encouragement and to hear that you can truly FEEL what I am sharing is a blessing to me.

  1. How lovely to hear that you have been reminded at this workshop of your true gift and purpose in your writing endeavours Elizabeth. You have such mastery and insights into the link between the personal and spiritual aspects of life and you have always written so beautifully on these matters. Your book will take your words out to reach more hearts, just as they have ours. May your path be blessed every step of the way.

    1. Thank you, Cherie, you are such an exquisite writer yourself, so I really value your contribution – I love writing and especially when my “higher heart” is open and allows me to simply pour forth everything I want to share. I made a great distinction today, that my true nature is totally grounded in my strength, my own beauty, my ability to be loving and be totally comfortable in my divinity. OMG I love this work, and yes I know I created it, but the true magic is remembering that I have been co-creating it with my Family of Light, who’ve been there all along – whispering to me and encouraging me to be everything that I can be, and then to share that with the world. Interesting you know, the more I become who I can be, the easier it is – Don’t you love it!!

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