Knowing your Story and your Souls purpose is vital in todays world.

Let’s talk Story and Archetypes

Stories are the architecture of life and archetypes are the architects…

Our personal and cultural stories are what we collectively call the human experience, which can be joyful, challenging and extremely powerful.

It’s our personal archetypes that govern our inner life and also contribute to our life purpose. Archetypes are the age-old prototypes of human existence and have been with us since the birth of time. 

I am the author of The Living Attributes Typology; an empowerment process and tool for women, which is grounded in storytelling wisdom and enhances your human potential. It takes you from the transition phase to transformation and onto self-empowerment. 

The Living Attributes Typology helps you access your creative potential so you can live a larger story, and your personal key to the world of archetypes. 

My work supports women in personal or career transition to create the next meaningful chapter of their life. 

And my role as an Archetype Activator is to take you through a step-by-step process that identifies and aligns you with your valuable Story and Souls purpose in life, which ultimately leads to creating your unique personal brand.

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