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Sally Jamieson

My gratitude is bursting! Elizabeth’s teachings have been the key to my personal transformation. The Living Attributes Typology offers the most amazing tools to understand yourself. So much gratitude for her work and thank you, Elizabeth… your commitment, clarity, and creativity are sacred.


Tina Renfrey

Being part of Elizabeth Ellames Unite Your Light leadership program for women has changed my life. Not only do I now ‘look outside the square’, I look above and below it, around and through it. I realize who I am in every sense of my being. My world is no longer 3 dimensional, it is 12 dimensional. The contribution I can now make as a whole woman through my connection with my creator and my community is more complete. To my heart has now opened and fully, I feel my vision is expanded and can I see and feel all. I am honored and grateful to be a woman and the power that being a woman holds. I am also grateful to Elizabeth for showing me with such compassion, what it means to be a woman, and how to connect heart to heart in a community of women. With pure intent, Elizabeth and the women of Unite Your Light have guided me to experience the divine feminine and what a gift it has been to truly know her. Thank you beautiful, divine, exquisite women. My love will be with you all always and forever, through time and space, to infinity and beyond!


Prema Joy

I have so much gratitude for Elizabeth’s amazing leadership and a huge heart. My life has blossomed from this wonderful connection and program. I am now so much more of who I really am, because of the program. I now have the courage to stand up and lead because of Elizabeth’s unwavering example. I highly recommend any of her programs – You will learn so much about yourself, you will grow beyond your own boundaries and amaze yourself… Elizabeth Ellames is one of the best facilitators I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and she provides a wonderful space for you to discover the true Leader in you. And the bonus, you will connect with extraordinary Women with true grit, courage, and compassion. I love the Unite Your Light Women and the connections I have made through doing the work.


Souzi D. Wilson

Elizabeth’s programs have shown me how to be a true leader, to step up and be the full expression of who I came here to be, which is a woman who is here to make a difference. Living Attributes has given me the tools to identify what holds me back, and how to transform that into something positive. I have done many courses in the past but Elizabeth’s expertise and dedication to getting one to reach their highest potential are in a whole other realm. I have been a professional singer for nearly twenty years but this system has given me a new level of confidence and I feel like I have finally found my true voice. The Living Attributes Typology is a multi-layered, comprehensive system that provides me with the necessary tools for ongoing transformation. Elizabeth’s expert guidance I have been able to explore my personal story and define my ‘brand’, it is an incredibly empowering process. Elizabeth Ellames is a masterful Change Agent and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for personal/spiritual development and insights into what may be holding you back from realising your life purpose.


Gail Glastonbury

I am deeply grateful to Elizabeth for my wonderful leadership experience. The blessings from being a part of her programs have been; to have the courage to really back myself and stand up for what I believe in. I now fully understand the power and beauty of INTEGRITY in my life.


Jodi-Anne Smith

Elizabeth’s programs help you to discover the key ingredients necessary for your individual leadership and passion. She helps you navigate your inner workings to discover the keys to your health, wealth and happiness. I discovered that my personal story is part of my purpose and a valuable tool that can be shared with others.


Cherie Rowett

I can highly recommend the Living Attributes/Unite Your Light Leadership program for women. It provides a new typology and system for understanding human nature, with direct application in everyday life across family, friendships and career. It paves an important way forward for effective teamwork and collaboration. Participation in this leadership program has allowed me – as an educated woman – to reconnect mind with heart and soul, and thus to discover my life’s purpose. I now feel on fire with clarity about why I am alive at this time, what I can do to make a difference and how to prioritize my time use accordingly! Capably created and facilitated by Elizabeth Ellames – a natural leader who generously provides experiential learning opportunities for women to break with outmoded ways of being, and to bridge social and spiritual aspects of life – this leadership program is truly evolutionary. It will be of interest and benefit to any woman who sincerely wants to make a difference with her gifts and life.


Gabrielle Button

Elizabeth Ellames holds an extraordinary vision for women of today and our future world. She has taken this vision and passion and turned it into her vocation. She continues to develop and deliver a range of inspirational, expansive, empowering and nurturing products and services, all based on her own unique body of knowledge. Everything that she does is aimed at assisting and supporting women to own, love and develop who they are and to identify and ignite their purpose and proudly deliver it to the world… just as she does. She is an inspiration and I highly recommend her services.


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