Becoming Half Angel, Half Human

There are so many versions of what Angels are… Are they spiritual light forms that communicate and interact with us? Do we really have a myriad of angels serving in just about every capacity imaginable, from helping us tend to the care and health of our body, passing tests, mending relationships, cleaning up oil spillsContinue reading “Becoming Half Angel, Half Human”

I need your help…

Do you have a deep sense of purpose and a strong impulse to create social impact? If so, I need your help…  See, it’s been my repeated experience that most women who want social change really do need a supportive community that helps them in their pursuit and passion for social change. And I amContinue reading “I need your help…”

Making the SHIFT…

The key to personal development and emotional healing is to first stop and identify your negative thinking in the present moment… It’s like this… “research suggests that if a negative or shadow attribute has presented its self as a thought or feeling and you’re able to simply recognise it and say it” – this actionContinue reading “Making the SHIFT…”

Learning To Trust Yourself

Throughout my career, I often thought “What if there is NO one formula for success across the board like they say there is?” What if each person has or more like are encoded by their own formula? My distinction around this was very clear; what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. SoContinue reading “Learning To Trust Yourself”

Are you living your PURPOSE?

It’s time to heed the call!! Hi there, I am Elizabeth Ellames and I created a tool for you, called the Living Attributes Typology and by simply using this tool in your everyday life, you can become super clear on your unique archetype patterning and how you can change or enhance all areas of yourContinue reading “Are you living your PURPOSE?”

Finding the YOU in community

I woke up the other morning with this very strong question – “What will it take to Grow a New Humanity?” and the answer was YOU! Find the YOU in community because the truth is we as human beings are the light of unity. And the drive to evolve is now upon us, which is bringing forth theContinue reading “Finding the YOU in community”