Supporting Women In Personal Or Career Transition To Create The Next Meaningful Chapter Of Their Life.

This package is a rendition of my signature process – Living Attributes Typology

Working with the Living Attributes Typology takes you on a deep exploration of your “archetypical patterning” – where you access and engage with your creative potential and energy flow that is unique to you. Completing your Living Attributes Typology; Profiles the specific Archetypes for your personality and purpose – This typology singles out a number of key archetypes and their role in your life on four levels – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial (Life Purpose).

Life Purpose & Concept Branding For Women

My role as a Life Purpose and Concept Branding Consultant© is to support you to Live A Larger Story, through identifying and formulating your gift, unique qualities and values into an authentic personal brand – I have an extensive skill base crossing; Personal Branding, Social Synergy, Personal Image and Self Development.

Let’s discover together –

  • How you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others by connecting to your larger story; Your Brand
  • Learn from a top industry expert who will guide you step by step, through this transition into a more purpose-driven life.
  • Why developing your gifts into a quality, a value-based brand can lead to your personal success.
  • How to find your personal presence plus your powerful message and become an expert in your particular niche!
  • Learn what it means to know yourself, trust yourself and live a larger story.

Developing Your Story Based Brand From The Inside Out…

Story-Based Branding© goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding, which only focused on highlighting a person’s professional identity. Your brand is all about living your truth and adding value… your role is less about authority and more about being significant. 

Your First Session – FREE
A 1/2 hr free consultation with myself, Elizabeth Ellames/ Creator of Living Attributes. In this session, I take you through the process of identifying if this program is exactly what you need. 
After the consultation, you may choose to take the next step and work pro-actively with me and learn more about your life purpose and archetype pattering in your Personal Branding Package – Something to ponder? 
Would you like to be coached through this highly clarifying process?

The refreshing approach to Story-Based Branding invites your audience, clients or community and you to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment. You and your audience connect with your values and your message – your brand. Identifying and understanding the attributes of your particular Archetypes adds value to your life, which adds value to your brand so you can add value to other people’s lives.    

Life Purpose and Concept Branding© packages

How Does It Work? – I have created the Living Attributes Typology, which is a practical tool that identifies and refines your value-based brand. It is a process of clarifying your combination of Mythic Archetypes and Modern Archetypes, which collectively ignite your natural potential. In this three-part package, you find out your life purpose, your personal brand and what your audience is truly looking for… and how that works in your life?

KNOW YOURSELF  – Your Identity & Purpose Leads To Lasting Confidence

  • Learn what your particular Mythic Archetypes are.
  • Learn how to identify & share your creative gifts.
  • Find out what has been holding you back from being on purpose.

TRUST YOURSELF  – Self-Confidence Leads To Your Creative Potential

  • Learn an effective daily meditation for gaining clarity and direction.
  • Craft your own Avatar’s story and strengthen your personal and professional brand.
  • Overcome subtle but persistent emotional addictions and learn the powerful process of a correcting and transforming tool designed to maintain your direction, vitality, and value.

LIVE A LARGER STORY  – True Purpose Leads To Your Own Style Of Leadership

  • Learn an easy way to understand and communicate your personal culture and strengths through telling your brand story. Learn how to identify your ideal customers, audience or community.
  • Learn what attracts your tribe by developing your brand’s lexicon – this is a large part of identifying who your tribe actually is.

My role is to facilitate your personal branding process, which develops a clear and concise message about your skills, talents, and values; Your Brand.


  • SIX  coaching sessions over three months
  • Plus ONE Bonus session for free – to be taken at your leisure
  • Face-to-face sessions – Learn from a top industry expert who will guide you step by step, through your transition into a more purpose-driven life.
  • Plus help you to identify and clarify your gifts into a quality, value-based brand that can lead to your personal success.
  • Plus your Living Attributes Branding Guide manual for your personal reference. 
  • Plus A Private Facebook page with Elizabeth Ellames for the duration of your program. 
  • Your total investment  $ 2,950.00

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