Acceptance and Forgiveness

I am sure you have heard many times about how important it is to forgive. And I am sure you have experienced that it is easier said than done. As we move forward into the month of Forgiveness and the archetype of the Enchantress (JULY), I thought it fitting to share what I believe to be the most effective way to finding the path of Forgiveness and Self-Love.

I have experienced a number of traumatic and violent events in my early life, which I had devotedly worked on at an emotional level. What I didn’t know was my spirit needed to witness a powerful personal re-cogising of my past before it could release its husk of former pain. It needed to know I was truly ready to fully move forward as a new style leader. How I experienced the shift was through the natural but powerful release of the fear and shock that had been locked in my amazing vessel; my body. That energy was locked tight in my body for 38 years waiting for its time to be naturally released. It brought to the surface the need to Accept and Forgive. Now that didn’t mean I condone particular behavior, what it meant was that I accept that I could NOT change the past, even though I wished I could, many times over I wanted this nightmare to just go away.

But the truth is it did happen to me and the time had come to not brush it aside and just get on with life. No, the time had come to look at it for what it was and say, “I accept that these terrible things happened to me” because that is the truth and a reality I have to live with.

It was only then that I was able to truly forgive with every fiber of my body and being.

Here is an example of how I found my own acceptance and forgiveness; you may have something or someone you want to be set free from.

“I accept that I was violently attacked and sexually abused by a heartless young man when I was 16…. And I forgive him anyway.”

I also added

“I also accept that I made a series of bad choices that night… And I forgive and love myself anyway.”

This simple but amazing process of acceptance and forgiveness gave me back my power.

So often we give up our power – sometimes it’s in huge proportions, but most of the time it’s in many small moments, which we think won’t matter. What happens though is all those small moments add up to a mountain of your power, which is sitting somewhere with your name on it.

I invite you to take back your POWER and live a life of true acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love.

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