Taking Care Of Your Spirit

We have endured much thus far…

Looking back over the last 2 years we may ask – “who was that person I once knew and what happened to my life”.

We can feel clear and sometimes even hopeful and at other times we may feel confused and really down. There’s a sense that something is coming, and it is, it’s the beginning of a whole new story. But we still don’t know what that story is!

We are on the edge of a new reality, a new age.

We have entered the gateway of a new reality and it is the biggest celestial event in cosmic history, transforming our “being” from a 3D limited human, back to our true nature as multidimensional Beings in human form, we have been here on Planet Earth experiencing and learning how to love, be compassionate, and have forgiveness from a place that often feels limited.

We are on the edge of reclaiming our sovereignty and freedom, and this is not an easy task. However, we did sign up for this and as we are waking up there is a lot of fatigue, confusion and discomfort associated with this.

But beloved Shining Ones, allow your self to feel all of this, and all the emotions that rise with it. It is our time for much clearing and cleansing. Our Earthly Mother is going through it also, and you are part of her. Be aware of how much is changing, acknowledge how sick and tired you are of the way things have been, and give yourself permission to feel it all.

Every single soul is unique and your path is like no other path. Many of us are going through a process of growing our light body and you may feel empowered and uplifted at times, and at other times we may feel ill and exhausted. One of my symptoms over the past few years has been dizziness and was a sign to assess my lifestyle – On doing some research I learnt of an exercise to help my inner ear – It was moving from one side to the other before lying down. It reminded me of the bubble in a Spirit Level. – I knew immediately this was a direct sign indicating my Spirit needed me to be in balance. ~ Which for me means the full embodiment of the Holy Spirit. 

The key to true transformation is trusting you are going to be ok and seek only help if you need some reassurance. However, if they can’t find anything wrong with you – let it go – because they can’t see what is unfolding for you on a spiritual level.

We are all in the process of clearing lifetimes of old patterns based around fear thats imprinted in our DNA, some feel it in the physical and some will feel it energetically. It’s predicted, our bodies are literally changing from carbon to crystalline and we are now embodying more of the Soul in the flesh and this is the journey of the Living Avatar or Living Goddess.

Crisis has always preceded transformation, it’s the nature of evolution and we are indeed a part of nature.

And yes, I know I say this often, but it’s the truth and we often have to let the truth remind us of our authentic nature.

These symptoms are nothing to fear, but they can be many and varied, as your system slowly prepares to change and it can be exhausting – Your Soul has a purpose and if you do not honour its purpose or refuse to acknowledge it, things may appear more difficult. 

Simply put, you must nourish your Spirit and your Soul’s journey for reason beyond this reality.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Elizabeth 

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