Are you ready?

Dear Living Goddess of the Light,

I woke today with the impulse to share from my Soul, and like all my spiritual impulses there’s a gift right in front of me to confirm my action of devotion. – And today it came in the form of this beautiful song. – I Believe In Being Ready

My impulse was to share the importance of these, what seems “strange times” and how they are part of our Individual Soul and our Collective Soul’s evolution.

And our role is to remain a sacred vessel of The Divine Presence in all that we do, be and see. – There is great power in the ability of knowing ones own POWER, and every time we compare, condemn and blame, we diminish some of our power, which we then have to rebuild.

Don’t waste your power on things you don’t LOVE.

Sure, it takes enormous patience and practice, but if you are reading this, and believe you came here, at this time for a reason, and are connected to the spirit of our beautiful Mother Earth – You know your TRUTH and WHY you are here.

We are in what appears to be a long transition and threshold, of which we are being given a significant Choice Point. – It’s your opportunity to lift yourself UP, and out of only living in a Physical and Emotional Reality, and accessing the Upper Worlds of the Spiritual and Celestial Reality.

It’s Time to Reveal Your Spiritual Gifts?  

My own spiritual discovery of the two worlds (Lower Worlds and Upper Worlds) has brought me closer to the experience of my own Family of Light (Angelic Forces) and the power of living my Archetypal Codes. It has resulted in the discovery that as you create more harmony in your soul through your codes, you will also draw from the worlds around you and within you.

I am referring to the powerful creative impulses and insights of everything with an available symbiotic system that works in harmony with you. These insights gave me access to higher vibrational realms, which helped in my own healing process. This also expanded my creativity.

Other energy systems are equally available, but they don’t necessarily aid in the same harmonic fashion; some systems are life-generating, while others are for the purpose of entropy.

And I believe, many of the lower vibrational systems operating on our planet today fit into the other category (entropy). – And even knowing that to be true, I don’t have to engage with it and its ethos or energy. I can however, remove myself and thoughts from that energy and choose to stay in my own power.

I remain in my authentic POWER by living my life in all the realms – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial.

It is said that the Universal Law of Attraction guides us towards what we want to give. This explains beautifully how your gifts and archetypal codes are your quintessential drivers towards fulfilling your Higher Purpose in these challenging times.

As you recognise and work with Your Choice Point in the Heart, which is your homing device, you instinctively reach home base – giving you more clarity and ease than when you randomly look for what you think brings you answers. Once you know what your inbuilt homing device feels like, and ultimately what it feels like to come HOME, you can then let go of the fear and anxiety that is going around you, and offer compassion and hope.

The surrendering of your fixed outcomes is actually your ticket home; and in honouring your archetypal codes and the sacred gifts you bring to the world, you find the correct path for you, and even in the disruption and confusion, you know who you are and what you must do to stay on your path and protect the Light, because you are the LIGHT.

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