Experience is GOLD

In our ever changing world that often looks full of uncertainty, perhaps we need to remind ourselves of “what we know for sure” – which comes from having built a valuable bank of experience.

Most people dread getting older. Yet I can confidently say being an Archetype Activator and course facilitator for many women is a profession that rewards you for being older, not necessarily younger. And that’s because… “Life experience is indeed Gold” 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is turning their power over to their coach, therapist, doctor, boss, mentor or teacher, thinking they have all the answers or wanting them to fix them or their life, so to speak. That means they do the work not you… and you never learn the what, why or how to empower yourself. My observation of late is that the CopyCat syndrome has grown out of proportion due to social media. A lot of people just want the answers with out doing the work, this comes from our tick the box society, and the need to been seen as in the know. Sadly people have been seduced by whats trending online, this then reduces there ability to connect to their own stream of consciounessness and creativity that is connected to their Souls archetypal codes. More and more noise is being created, and a lack of originality is ever present.

What I know for sure… Sharing ones personal story is a sacred act, and a vital part of our Soul’s development. – The oxymoron of Superficial Transparency has arrived and I use this term because it is contradictory and conjunctive. Moveover, it is incredibly destructive in the process of ones personal transformation. Right now so many are scrammbling to hold on to their success or illusion of success, but when people have been living a very thin, dot point life, they soon see its actually turned into a dot point dilema and they really dont know what they think or feel, simply because it has no real substance or personal experience attached to it.

I know this may sound a little harsh at a time when we are wanting comfort, but I share these words because I know we can all still build a beautiful foundation for our Soul to grow from.

One of the benefits of being an active participant in your own process is that you naturally get smarter and wiser as you grow. Sure you will make mistakes, but those mistakes become your wisdom and wisdom is essential to reaching self-mastery.

As a self-actualized person you instinctively know to never give up on your vision and personal process, because the longer you actively invest in your life’s purpose and life’s lessons the more skilled and effective you become. 

Here is a great message on Mastery by Stewart Emery 

Mastery in our careers (and in our lives) requires that we constantly produce results beyond and out of the ordinary. Mastery is a product of consistently going beyond our limits. For most people, it starts with technical excellence in a chosen field and a commitment to that excellence. If you’re willing to commit yourself to excellence, to surround yourself with things that represent this excellence, your life will change.

Its remarkable how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that average is somehow acceptable. In fact, our world suffers from terminal normality. Take a moment to assess all the things around you that promote your being “average.” These are the things that prevent you from going beyond the limits that you have randomly set for yourself.

The first step to mastery is the removal of everything in your environment that represents mediocrity, and one way to attain that objective is to surround yourself with people who ask more of you than you would ordinarily give of yourself. Didn’t your parents and some of your best teachers and coaches do exactly that?

Another step on the path to mastery is the removal of resentment toward the masters. Develop compassion for yourself so that you can be in the presence of a master and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself to (and resenting) people who have mastery, remain open and receptive. Let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you that, with nourishment, will grow into your own individual mastery.

You see, we are all-ordinary. But rather than condemning ones self for their “ordinariness,” a master will embrace that ordinariness as a foundation for building the extra-ordinary. Rather than relying on their ordinariness as an excuse for inactivity, they will use it instead as a vehicle for correcting them self. Its necessary to be able to correct yourself without invalidating or condemning yourself and others ­ It is best to use the results of the correction process to improve upon other aspects of your life.

Correction is essential to power and mastery.

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth

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