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Watch this heartfelt series of video conversations with Elizabeth Ellames and one of her Living Attributes community members, as they share with you their insights around the many topics of NEW AWAKENINGS. – A safe place for questions, insights, and connection.

Elizabeth is a Higher Purpose Specialist for women who want to know and live their true purpose in life. She has created a comprehensive system called the Living Attributes Typology, which is a tool that identifies your personal archetypes. Designed to be used on a daily basis; it’s your personal process, compass, and map for exploring and expressing your innate gifts and talents. Knowing your personal archetypes helps you identify your leadership style, which activates, motivates and aligns you with your higher purpose.

The focus for this episode – CREATING A NEW STORY

My Special Guest – SUSAN KNAPP

Hi I am Susan Knapp.

I am the Founder and CEO of In2EdAfrica. We are an educational brand operating in Kenya and Rwanda. 

At In2Ed Africa, we believe in transforming global communities by challenging the status quo of education and operations in Africa.

This is carried out through an approach that encompasses global collaborations for the greater good of humanity incorporates locally designed curriculums with best global practices and works with people on the ground as our guides.

We do this because our heart center is in building and developing sustainable educational facilities and training programs in Kenya and Rwanda.

I am a mother of four, the oldest of whom is 23 and the youngest is 6. I adopted my first two children in Kenya when they were babies and they are now 23 and 16. I also have two biological children aged 10 and 6. We run our operations in Kenya together and my youngest two are homeschooled so they can travel with me. My three youngest children also operate their own business and call themselves kidpreneurs.

We have an amazing life together and love every minute. 

Our next episode will be coming out on September 26th – titled LIVING A NEW PURPOSE

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