What was your question?

Hello Shining Ones,

I strongly believe we are all encoded with a question for this lifetime that must be answered. This is also closely connected to my belief that we also all have a purpose in this lifetime. However, the concept of each of us having a question is indeed what informs our purpose.

The word is even consecrated with a hidden, but not so hidden key to ones purpose; Quest 

Quest; a long or arduous search for something

Ion; an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.

This totally supports my theory that our Encoded Question is the driving force behind our purpose, and is precisely why our personal story is vital to identifying our Encoded Quest-ion. 

I had two very clear questions come to life when I was a small child, which I presented to my Nana: –   

  1. How do we know if there really is a God? (At 5 years of age)
  2. What do you call a job that makes ladies beautiful? (At 6 years of age)

I have shared both of these questions for a reason, simply because they actually are connected. – A question will often open with one of the following:  

  • What 
  • Why
  • How
  • Who 
  • Where

Clearly the ambitious mind of my 5-6 year old child was doing research on what my higher purpose in this lifetime was going to be. My mother guided me as I said my prayers each night, and we always celebrated Easter and Christmas, which I knew were spiritual events that were connected to God. I also had a sweet medallion that I wore around my neck of the Holy Mother and Child. And I also had a gorgeous image of Jesus with children at his feet next to my bed. Again, all these archetypical symbols and events were activating my Encoded Quest-ion and directing me toward my purpose. 

We only went to church, as a family, for Weddings and Christenings, but I wanted to know more about this mystery called God. I wanted to know WHY he was so popular and HOW I could see him.

By now my Encoded Quest-ion had become my creative impulse and my trusted compass that was helping me to identify my True Quest. 

At around 7, I asked if I could go to Sunday School, my Mother approved, but it wasn’t just one church, I decided I wanted to try out a few. This then led me to attending other church services at around 9 years of age – This time I didn’t go alone, I enrolled my friend from down the road to come join me. I really enjoyed the theatrics of it all, the singing, the ceremony and how everyone was dressed up. Even though these events may seem playful and child like, it was actually helping me to discover who I am in this larger story called God. In reflection I can see how my Encoded Quest-ion was forming and strengthening my foundations that my Higher Purpose would need later in my life.  

So, have I been able to reach some kind of conclusion, do I know if there really is a God? Well, I don’t call it God, but rather, at this point anyway, my version of God is ultimately a “profound experience”. Which comes in many forms, sometimes subtle, sometimes grand, but this presence always connects me to my heart, my spirit, and my true beauty. 

When I am in Love with this Divine Presence, I AM Beauty. 

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