Go Deep, Find Peace, Bring Joy, Give Love

Go Deep – When I refer to the concept of going deep I’m suggesting the need to go deep into ones emotions for the purpose of building strong and lasting foundations. Like any foundation for a house or creating a thing of beauty like a piece of art or a very special meal. We first must search for the best ingredients or materials possible in order for the foundation to remain sound and of value. The same goes for the work we do on our inner self, we have to sift out those parts of us, which can create a weak and crumbling foundation.  

Find Peace – It’s only from our ability to go deep that we can find peace. Peace is that beautiful resting place at the centre of ones being, a feeling that comes from connecting to our deep emotions and then allowing ourself to surrender to something greater than ourselves. This powerful letting go is a falling away of that which we thought was real and mattered, and acknowledging it no longer has power over us. Finding peace is finding your point of Light in your heart again and then giving thanks for this everlasting gift of love. 

Bring Joy – We can only bring joy to the world when we know joy and joy can only spring for from a pure and peace filled heart. A well of everlasting life pours forth from your open heart and open mind bringing with it an abundance of enthusiasm. Your pure and effervescent joy gives life and hope to those around you and in turn lifts your own spirit, creating a fountain of happiness and possibility.

Give Love – To give love is to know the Creator and be like the Creator. When we are generous, discover forgiveness and are spiritually full we are able to give love authentically. And through this act of generosity our capacity to love grows stronger and light filled. The giving of true Love requires an unfolding and expansion of a spiritual heart that is void of conditions. Evidence of an enlightened acceptance that demonstrates when we love we never want or loose, we only love for loves sake; A genuine act of Bestowal    

Heart to Heart,


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