On the threshold of evolutionary change

We are on the threshold of evolutionary change that is forming a new human culture. The old familiar story is ending and a new one is starting to unfold and is coming light. 


The ancients have spoken about this time for thousands of years. We have seen glimpses of this throughout the ages and there has often been great change, but then there’s an individual who comes along, with what seems to be good intentions that soon turns life sour and takes control, simply because they experience the sweet elixir of power. This power makes them feel good, elevated from inside in a way, and they think “perhaps I can do well with this new power from within.” It can make the person charismatic and attractive to others, not always, but more than often history has shown us that money and power can soon turn to dominance over others. I suggest that if a person has not done the personal work on them self, and found an inner natural sense of their social and spiritual compass. – Their egotistic motives become magnified and show up as power hungry, which clearly is an emotional addiction ramping up in order to be healed.

We have been living through this leadership style and it’s influence for thousands of years now, know as The Piscean Age – Which stands for faith, belief, sacrifice, and religion. However, the next period is The Age of Aquarius and the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, this archetype is the symbol of giving life and spiritual nourishment to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and encoded with cultivating growth. Focused on equality and individual freedom, Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all. – The Piscean Age formally ended in January 2020 and the new age will formally begin in December this year known as the Age of Aquarius – the age of connection, of mass consciousness, of ideas from the ground up for renewal and becoming humans that have a much different way of being than the previous age – And we’ll be activated, motivated and transformed by the life giving archetypical forces that govern creativity, wisdom and freedom. 


As humans we would normally come together and hold each other close for support, but at present we are being driven apart and having to be on our own. We are being forced to stop and be with our selves, which is why I am calling it – The Grand Pause.  Our current state of being is part of this extraordinary transition; we are on, what would appear to be a wobbling threshold, and of course we don’t like this level of change, especially when it comes with so much control. We are affronted by our freedom being messed with and our choices being pulled down around us. Quite frankly it panics us and this fear is intensified by our seperation. 

There’s so much distraction in our little devices, they have taught us how to “not feel deeply”.

We’re just pretending that we don’t feel deeply and bury it under all our distraction, particular behaviours or any other drug we can be given or buy. It’s ironic really, our many screens, devices and distractions, have created a somewhat monotone, hygienic life style, numb to feeling anything that is truly raw and real.  But the truth is we do feel because we are human beings – we are designed to feel everything.

Beloved humans of Planet Earth we are on the threshold of a new era and it is unlike anything in human history. – We are in a space of threat and dread, watching many of our leaders fumble along with the rest of us and pretending it will all go back as it was, when we all know it will never be the same again. This threshold holds enormous potential for change because we are all at the edge of a huge transition and our lives need to radically adapt. We all know with every fibre of our being that we can’t go back to “the old normal” – if I recall that normal wasn’t working for many of the inhabitants on the planet. 


Interesting, if you ask the Andean Shamans of Qero Peru when humans first appeared on the earth they will tell you around the year 2012. – They say this is when the first fully formed human appeared on earth.

Wow, we are those humans and we have the opportunity to keep birthing and strengthening the new human in our world. That is why we are part of this Great Awakening. We have been living in a dual growth and holding pattern for thousands of years and have fortunately or unfortunately woken up in a reality that is overflowing with inequality and waste. However, many of us are fully awake now and know we must, and are promising to stay awake for the restoring of our home; our planet. 

There are no mistakes only opportunities to evolve and that is exactly what we are doing.  

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth

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