Finding the Connection

What is the problem with the world, why are so many things not working? said the man…

The Shaman replied… You have severed your connection to SPIRIT. You have cut the link – you must restore the link if you want to move forward.

I totally believe that our current global circumtances are some what connected to this statement. Which I am going to call “The Grand Pause” – this pause has forced us to re-veiw, re-set and re-connect to our LIFE from a new perspective.

The sun comes up to meet the dawn and fish find their feast in the unseen, the birds sing their song every morning, all because the natural world has an instinctual routine and reason. – For “Life is full of Life”, it has always had a real purpose and when we stop to look at what is truly valuable in our world we see our bounty and our blessings. That is what has happened to myself during this time of “The Grand Pause”, it’s made or allowed everything to drop away that was out side of me and has left me with only the PURE ESSENCE of who I am.

I will also add that it’s magnified what I need to correct and transform in order to strengthen my pure essence. It has indeed been tough because clearly the busyness has destracted me at times, but there is no busyness now and I am left to deal with what is right there in front of me. And I am so very grateful I have learnt over the years to recognise my stinky behaviour quickly.

Again, I have decided to accepted that it is all part of this remarkable time of transformation that we are all in. I hope that you too are experiencing a profound and hope-filled awakening and that your beautiful spirit will bring you to a place within that reveals your pure essence and true value.

Heart to Heart


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