My Gift and Lesson in 2019


What I needed to learn in 2019…

For me, 2019 was my year of substance and significance – It was due to my turning sixty, yes 60!  This birthday seemed to arrive with a sudden and thankfully temporary dilemma. In some ways, it reminded me of when I turned 30.

When I turned 30 I had some preconceived ideas of who or what I was supposed to be by that age. And strangely it happened again at 60, but this time with the rude awakening of actually being the B I G  6 0. Here’s the inner dialogue that surfaced when my birthday was fast approaching – “Geez, when did that happen – How am I 60?”


Which of course made me reflect on what I had done in those 60 years… And truth be know I had done plenty – But the major distinction was that everything of real substance and significance was never planned and always when I simply listened to my spiritual instincts. We so often plan ahead and get influenced by what we think is necessary, but for me, I now know that what is meant for me is already happening in The Unified Field of Intention, which is connected to my Soul and the collective Soul. And all the planning and following trends is simply the Ego playing out its fears and need for control.


Whereas all the deeply valuable things I have achieved in my life were connected to my true capacities and always to something greater than myself. My experiences have shown me that in the realm of possibility I have many options.

This is how I find out what those options are –

  • By being fully present in the Present moment
  • By being totally committed to my Spiritual Development
  • And by having Faith above reason – that whatever my Point of Light in my Heart is guiding me to is exactly what I am meant to be doing.

I also know this formula and practice has become my Unadulterated Truth – because it has proven to deliver results of substance and significance for the past 60 years. – Actually, I have found being 60 is really very cool – I’m more confident around what really matters and understand what having Faith really means. Having spiritual Faith reminds me of what is possible because of my connection to my own Divinity.


And anything less than that can make me feel totally earthbound – So, now I stop and remember that I do know the Truth, which is I’m only here because of the power of the Creator, with a specific purpose, which is to help in the transition, correction, and transformation of humanity. And with this knowledge, I am given the confidence and courage to say… “I am Ready, Willing and Available 2020 – To serve humanity to the best of my abilities”.

Thank you for reading my distinctions for 2019 and intentions for 2020 – And I sincerely hope you too are also feeling the powerful Evolutionary Impulse that’s connected to your Higher Purpose for this new decade and beyond.


Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound for 2020 Shining Ones

Elizabeth Ellames



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