WOW, that’s cool!

Feeling Blessed – I just received a direct message from Spirit,

Today I had the opportunity to share my TRUTH about a current situation and instantly I was given a synchronistic moment to reassure me that what I shared was indeed right on target.
I got up from my computer and looked out the front window into the national park – and there he was a beautiful big Kangaroo grazing on the fresh spring grass.

Here’s what I shared just before sighting the Kangaroo…

Over my career, I’ve been faced with a number of personal/professional relationships that I have faded due to the misalignment of life purpose.

The distinction for me was my clarity of intention and actions that are connected to my purpose have always been paramount in my life, which I’ve never been prepared to compromise in any way.

So, I guess the TRUTH is I feel like I have been compromising my purpose at times, which has created a lack of trust for me. It feels great to find that level of clarity and truth for myself around this. – 

I do hope the sharing of my “truth” will help in moving us forward.

OMG, I love my work!!

What a blessing, I knew the Kangaroo was a sign and looked up what it symbolizes straight away. 


Kangaroo’s medicine includes –

Leaping away from bad situations, creating a safe home environment, protection of the young, ability to adapt to new situations, strength, stamina, and balance.

When being hunted, kangaroos are very fast and hop effortlessly to safety, without a moments thought of where they are going, instead, they use their instinct to guide them. For us humans, there is a great lesson to be learned from this – instead of thinking about every single most minute step we take in great detail, instead, we too must let our instincts guide us.

Kangaroos are extremely focused beings, with their energy fields tightly woven around them with no room for distractions. If this is your power animal you must keep your personal energy fields clear of external influence so that you remain centred and focused.

If kangaroo hops into your life, prepare for adventure and change. You are being called upon to leap into the unknown without fear, remember, the kangaroo only ever moves forwards, not backward. The kangaroo will teach you how to balance the creative energies necessary to complete tasks, you will be given the strength, stamina, and power needed.

Thank you Kangaroo for being there to guide me. 

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