Finding the YOU in community

cropped-0001qx.jpegI woke up the other morning with this very strong question – “What will it take to Grow a New Humanity?” and the answer was YOU!

Find the YOU in community because the truth is we as human beings are the light of unity. And the drive to evolve is now upon us, which is bringing forth the power of unity in our own lives and it is through this connection we will become the new humanity. Together, is the only way we can move forward and as we do the whole of creation will take a leap in consciousness.

There is nothing to change only awaken – the more we connect to this the more we know and feel what we are capable of achieving. Before the information and technology age, we are in now, we thought about the welfare of other species on the planet randomly. We often felt powerless and wondered how could we create change in the world, then would resign to the fact that I am only one person, so how can I make a difference.

It is through this age of information and technology that we have become informed and connected to each other and other areas of life on earth at a whole new level. This expanded reality is activating an evolutionary instinct of bestowal within us. We have now become conscious beings who want to correct and transform our world.

The first step in this new direction is to recognise what it is you want to do, what will be your legacy, contribution, and passion.

What matters to you in your LIFE?

When you find your thing don’t let anything stop you, actually when you do find it nothing will stop it, because what you have tapped into is the power of creation/evolution.

You are encoded to evolve humanity because you are humanity, which brings us back to the opening question and answer. What will it take to Grow a New Humanity? it’s YOU, so go find the best you in your community. You’re it, actually, we are it!  

Very special time and place in history I’d say. I invite you to share why what or how you are going to contribute to the evolution of humanity?

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