Completion and Integration


How to identify the “Completion & Integration” phase of your Adopted Archetypes?  

What are the signs that you’ve transitioned? Are you ready to move on?

Here are some signs that you’re on your way:

You create more energy flow.

When you are going through a transitional phase your energy can appear chaotic and draining. It’s very difficult to keep your energy level high when you’re stressed. The Completion and Integration phase of your Adopted Archetypes can take on many forms. It could challenge your courage, integrity or strength. It could show up anywhere or as anything, like in your career to changing your exercise habits. Whatever the case, one thing is always clear. Your focus needs to be super sharp and that takes energy. Once you’re through the process successfully you’ll notice an almost instant increase in energy and creativity. Celebrate! You’ve earned it!

You have changed and your world has changed.

This may sound obvious, but when you go through the Completion and Integration of your Adopted Archetypes you will experience many related synchronistic events to anchor in your change. Sometimes these changes are a little uncomfortable and we want to ignore them. Completion and Integration teach us something significant about our personal power. It’s all about becoming fully present so you can live your larger story. But first we may have to learn to be humble. We might become more empathetic or forgiving or loving. Try to keep in mind that the only thing you really have control over is your reactions, so be mindful of your responses. Life’s lessons aren’t always easy. It takes work, but it’s definitely worth it.

You begin to really like yourself and how you feel.

It’s very common to feel a little disappointed in yourself when you first enter your “Completion and Integration” phase. Finding fault with past choices is a normal reaction. Getting into a self-pity party can also be a reaction. Just remember: you can visit a pity party; but you can’t live there! Listen to the messages you send yourself. When they start to become negative, make a conscience decision to interrupt that inner dialog. Replace it with positive dialog like “I deserve to be happy and successful.” “I am on track and I can do this.” And of course use your Light and Shadow Attributes Chart to correct and transform what ever it is you are going through… Eg “I move from Weakness to Strength and merge with my Radiant Self, I am Strength, I am Strength, I am Strength.

You find yourself laughing more.

It’s very easy to lose your sense of humor when going through “Completion and Integration”. Situations are tense, you can feel your life is heavy and lacks luster. Finding humor in challenges is often difficult. Laughing at life can elude you because just getting through the day is a major bore. Once you can see the light at the end of the tunnel/funnel, your spirit lightens up and your sense of humor, delight and laughter return.

You have now learned from your mistakes.

The Completion and Integration of your Adopted Archetypes gives you the opportunity to look at how you can do things differently next time…I am sure you know that once you have completed your work around your Adopted Archetypes, it’s your Authentic Archetypes who are now ready, willing and available for the regular process of “correct and transform”, yep… it’s a life-long process this empowerment stuff. That’s why the better you get at handling change the sooner you will get through life’s challenges. The Living Attributes system is a rotating 12-month cycle, which is a wonderful tool that gives you measurable and reliable stages to work with. Each year you go through the same cycles and each year you can see how far you have developed on your path of personal empowerment.

You’re now ready to live a larger story.

One day you wake up and realize that you’ve learned how to function with out your Adopted Archetypes. The world looks subtly different and welcoming. You see yourself differently. You learn to show up everyday with your Authentic Archetypes and enjoy your new life knowing that you can handle the next phase with more grace, peace, focus and savoir-faire!

You have done the work and are ready to live your larger story!


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