Our True Value part 2


There is a new wave of consciousness arising today – it arrived not with a bang or a whistle or for that matter any force that we are familiar with, but rather a new and gentle, but powerful presence cradled by grace.

It is the emergence of the New Feminine, which is evolving. It is here to aid in the planetary shift of humanity. This wonderful power, that I term “Our True Value” is birthing on our planet as we speak.

Women today are finding a new impulse to co-create, they are rising up like radiant angels ready to bless the world. This new impulse of creation is an equaliser for the balance required to create the world we want to grow from and live in and live by.
What is emerging is a New Woman, she is showing the world how to live a life of balance and true order. Her unique value is equal to Man and absolutely necessary for humanities survival today.

The merging of each others qualities and abilities is our only hope for a better world.
As each gender steps up to the platform of conscious co-operation to share their true value and gifts, a new emerging collaborative code is activated in the whole system on earth. 

This is how nature works, this is how it evolves, this is how we grow, after all we are an integral part of that same system, so let’s evolve.

What we are faced with at present is one of the most powerful times know to man (woman), through the experience and awareness of many systems that are clearly not working today, we are being given the incredible opportunity to create new and effective ways of being.

The harmony of Grace and Nature are key in this game of Life. My message today is lets nurture the grace and nature of Our True Value.

Lets be conscious, contributors and collaborators as we move through this quantum leap that we are indeed experiencing.

Heart to Heart

Elizabeth Ellames

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