To the Teacher Goddesses…


To you, My Beloved Teacher Goddess – I give the job of expressing my message of compassion to the world. But you must be careful of judgment and always remember that it is My Message, not yours. For if you forget this, people will doubt you. You will only grow in confidence and admiration in the job I give you if you do this well. As a skillful Teacher, you will expressive from the heart.

Undeniably you will be a calm and admired communicator. Compassion is your gift and confidence your driving force.- I ask that you use your Light and use it well.

Your Animal Wisdom – Your beloved and trusted companion are the Wolf who will teach you to develop patience and confidence in your decisions. She will help you to learn how to trust your insights once you learn how to value your inner voice. Whenever wolf appears in your life examine where you need to develop more confidence or if you need more balance between friends, family, and yourself.

Your Angel Ray Michael – I also give you Michael brilliance so Blue. Be confident, be patient and grow dear one. Know that what you say has power and that your words hold true. Your face will be expressive and so calm, this is where your admiration will be given degree. Bring forth your compassion and Michael will show you God speed. A life of goodwill is a sacred deed. My Dear Teacher Goddess your Persistent Obstacle will be to overcome the habit of Devalue, balanced by your True Quest and Light Law of Cultivation, which you will fondly live and promote. And for your good work, I will afford you the Lacing Laws of Calmness, Patience, Confidence, Admiration, Compassion, Assurance and Expression.

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