Community vs Commodity

The last few months I have been exploring the idea of community vs commodity.

First up I think it is important that one defines what friendship is for oneself – for me it is clearly connected to the attributes of my Visionary archetype, which are Beauty, Purity, Clarity, Dignity, Mindful, Wisdom and Celebration. The word “Quality” quantifies all those attributes for me. Everything that I am in a relationship with, relates to this and needs to be imbued with this reality.

Of course, not everyone views their life through the same lens, some see friendships and community as people hanging out with each other and having fun, while others see it as a way of contributing to humanity and others may see friendships or community as a commodity.

Definition of Commodity – Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantages. 

I think this behavior has come from the traditional business culture of the past. Somehow we bought the lie “It’s not personal, it’s just business” How can we evolve humanity if we are convinced that community, networking, and business are all for the same reason, to make money?

What if it’s not about that at all?

Let’s have a bit of play with words:

  • Community, communing in unity or common union.
  • Networking, working with a netted or interconnected system.
  • Business, a sense of appropriate busy-ness.

That sounds to me like the way nature works, which reminds me of a quote by William Blake, ‘A bird builds a nest, a spider, a web and man friendships.’

Human beings need to build sound relationships in order to build a strong foundation, which I believe is actually a true community. A relationship based on a commodity is self-serving, while a relationship based on community is being of service.

The old view of “whats in it for me” needs to shift in an individual before the power of real community can emerge. When we connect to the light of Unity within our community, all other agendas full away. A relationship, friendship and community are important, we cant do life without them, they are what keep the connective life force alive in us and around us, which is actually our true currency.

It is only together that we can create a new story for humanity, being prepared to grow through our differences creates unity and with that comes something much, much greater than a commodity. We were never meant to do it alone, it was never meant to be done for the love of money and when we fully experience how absolutely connected we are, we will remember, that together we are the abundance we are looking for.

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Heart to Heart  Elizabeth

What are your views on a new style of community?

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