2020 the beginning of a new era…

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We have now entered a new decade and a new way of being, which is the next stage of birthing a new humanity…

As many of you know in 2011, I seeded an idea to Birth A New Humanity through the act of Social Synergy. I invited a group of women from my community to participate in a year-long social synergy venture, which formed the Unite Your Light | New Style Leadership group. Over a 2-year period, we brought forth the energy of the Awakened Sacred Feminine – and midway of that period, on the 22nd of the 12th 2012 we held an auspicious event, Rise Up – Birthing A New Humanity, which helped to build and bed down the power of the Awakened Sacred Feminine.

We are now reminded that the birth into the Age of Aquarius officially begins with the Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit on 21st of Dec 2020. However, with any birth, the year will mean there are labour pains that need to be endured and navigated through. This year marks a significant threshold – the letting go of something old – and the birth into a new way of being.


The energy of the coming year is powerful and could be confronting for some, due to many challenges that we must all face.

In order to correct and transform the unhealthy presence and behaviour in the world that is affecting all her natural inhabitants, we must be willing to unite with each other heart to heart and spirit to spirit, for the greater good.

These celestial events will also provide powerful energy for the closure of these old ways, providing the changes required, for your heartfelt desire to move from an egotistical presence to an altruistic higher purpose that will assist you in your archetypical role in creating the world to come. Here in Australia, we have already faced enormous tests at the start of 2020 – which are helping us grow and forge an inner strength and new skill sets, that will allow us to become light-bearers in the darkness – We need to remain creative, calm, stable, peaceful and above all real. Don’t allow crisis to break your connection to your divine source – get connected and stay connected.

Be on point, be on purpose and be honest. And work with others who are aligned with your core values and who support you on your purpose and where possible, create the appropriate endeavours that will support the greater good. This is what I mean by Social and Spiritual Synergy creates Social Change.

The new-year brings with it a powerful charge as Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury are all at 22 degrees Capricorn between the 6th and 12th of January 2020 with a powerful Full Moon the 10th in Cancer that could bring the possibility of tyranny and repression. Our task though is to stay connected to the light!

For those of us with a spiritual heart and spiritual eyes, we knew this was coming, thank goodness we never knew what it would feel like before it came – because like any BIRTHING process, if we knew how incredibly painful it was going to be – we wouldn’t consent!

That’s the nature of evolution – Crisis precedes Transformation


There is the possibility that governments and corporations may express major conflict. But we must continue to hold strong with our authentic configuration of Light so that this global conflict doesn’t take effect, as the consciousness of the new humanity is not aligned with this. The possible financial collapse may result in creating other currencies, which could bypass the present corrupted financial structures.

Making way for new systems that could be applied and people could begin to create their own market places and new ways of doing business. And if the food shortages associated with extreme events continue to deepen – people may need to be more innovative and creative with ways of growing food.

Note of Encouragement – The real change and evolution will come through creative, compassionate, and intuitive human beings who are willing to work out how to best support the world and its inhabitants.

Everything will change – This is the final act in an epic true story that will affect the whole planet and everyone on it – as an individual and a species.

The 12th of January 2020 at 22 degrees Capricorn is a major part of the progressive cycles of the Saturn conjunct Pluto alignments.

This time is marking an evolutionary threshold for Humanity – It feels like a long time coming for many of us – as we rise up out of the shadowy depths of a controlling history into true prosperity that is imbued with all the inspiring possibilities of a new reality.

We’re now embarking on around 3 decades of transformation – with a combination of intense energies, which will continue until it is complete. But we must never give up! As the old ways fall and women share the balance of power in this new era, people will continue to rise up to find better ways of being in the world.

This celestial conjunction will facilitate an explosion of new ideas, technologies, and information – creating a more open, extroverted, sharing and caring society – forming a government of the people, for the people. This conjunction speaks of intense endings and rich fertility as the new breaks through to shine brightly.

The “Awakened Sacred Feminine” is here to be Seen, Felt, and Heard.

SHE brings with her the power to strengthen, encourage and deep healing through her integrity. Invite her into your life and SHE will touch your true power as a human being. I encourage you to listen to her beautiful song of creativity and creation! Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Shining Ones

Elizabeth Ellames


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