Living with interdependence


Wow, there is a real building and unfolding occurring within at present.

I have been unwell for a few weeks and in that time I’ve had an amazing sense that I have been climbing a very steep mountain – little rocky at times, sometimes stormy and at other times very peaceful and refreshing.

Yep, that was my mountain (Mt Elizabeth) a mountain that I had to climb, I did it with a great team of other mountaineers – my family, my friends and my family of light, but ultimately I still had to do the climb myself. A great metaphor for me, an example of true interdependence, I always wondered what that word really meant, now I know.

That is real leadership. No one can do it FOR you, yet you can’t do it alone.

Over the years I’ve had to learn to do it together as a team – because when I see another’s greatness I see myself reflecting back. I can’t ever do anything from the place of aloneness again, I am now one because I am connected. My greatness is determined by who stands by my side and you Dear Ones, my community have stood by my side as I have yours. We have stood shoulder to shoulder facing the winds of change. My life will never be the same, for from our connections and our commitment I have reached higher ground. 

I now view life from a higher perspective, I can hear the Creators voice like it’s my own and I now breathe the fresh crisp air present at the dawning of a new day. 

Yes, that is us, you and me… the women of the Living Attributes community are the pioneering souls that are creating and bedded down a new pathway for humanity. That pathway is now growing and available for many to venture on and add their experience too.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound.
Elizabeth Ellames – The LIGHT Styler

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