Prayer to the Ancestors


Prayer to the Ancestors

I ask those who came before me.

The one’s who gave of their love,

their talents and their knowledge .

I ask you, my beloved Ancestors to be present in my heart.

To be there when I bring forth my gifts, that you gave me.

Such valuable and precious gifts they are,

A continuum of love and understanding,

 that has been passed on from generation to generation.

I give thanks to you for your kindness, your wisdom

 and strength that now lives on in me.

My connection to you brings me comfort.

And even though I may not know you now,

we are family, and our connection will never die.

I thank you my beloved Ancestors,

 it is because of you that I am alive.




2 Thoughts

  1. Love the Ancestors prayer. Who we are today is another link in an unbroken golden chain stretching right back in time. Blessings and grace have travelled through the ages to us today.


    1. Thank you Karen – Maintaining our ancestor connections in our higher heart brings with it such comfort and belonging.
      Love Elizabeth x


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