Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound

If you are reading this you know you came here at this time on a divine mission. 

The Shift, The New Way, The Quickening arrived and you were ready, willing and available to do the  planetary work and inner work. You dear one did the light work necessary to support the spiritual evolution of our world.

Everything you have been doing or will experience is happening just as it’s meant to, for you.

You are way, way more than you were led to believe, you are indeed pure radiance in human form. 

And your beautiful presence is creating a deep resonance of harmonising energy throughout the cosmos. 

This is an auspicious time; it’s a time to remember that heaven is in you and all around you. – Our Earths home is the Cosmos and our home is the Planet Earth. – We are home, we were always home because the cosmos is where we all dwell. 

You chose this time to fully merge with your higher self; your Radiant Self. 

Yes, it was you and your beautiful spirit who came and contributed to this glorious and momentous unfolding. 

Deep gratitude and love to you all. 

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