The Maiden: Living Goddess

April is the month of the MAIDEN archetype in my Living Attributes: Archetype Alchemy

The story of the Autonomous Maiden archetype is one of faith, balance, relationships, and freedom. The Maiden is tuned into the patterns of life. She is able to create harmony and desire and loves social engagements. The Maiden is relaxed, and by nature she has loveliness and is captivating in action. The Maiden archetype gains diplomacy skills and can be very persuasive. She is also gifted at interacting with other natural forces. This archetype symbolises the creation of social harmony and the expression of flexibility. The Maiden is on the quest to create faith and autonomy through an attunement to the intricate patterns in nature.

Attaining balance and freedom are major concerns for people with this archetype. As one of the three Emotional Archetypes in the Living Attributes Typology, the Maiden is an activator and master of attaining autonomy. As times change, the tides of civilisation will turn towards the empowerment of societies that nourish humanity. Spiritual communities are the next wave, and the Maiden energy will inspire you to express ideas and illuminate knowledge in the field of life experience.

When your Maiden energy is misdirected, however, it becomes incapable of making decisions and tends to act in a conceited manner. The dark Maiden seeks relationships merely for personal gain and can be wavering and quite superficial. Lost in a false intricacy, the shadow of the Maiden emerges, making you approval-seeking, distracted, and co-dependent.

Learn to overcome the Maiden shadow through expressing her Light Attributes of being more relaxed and flexible. The spiritual principle of Maiden is balance – the ability to stay centred within your authentic self as the tide of life rushes over you so that you can stay committed to the wellbeing of those who cross your path.

Balance is a deep state of relaxation, and balance requires that you devote equal energy and consideration to meditation, music, and relationships. Although all these are important for your wellbeing, the real key to sustaining and returning to a balanced state is through breathing properly. The Maiden warns us to learn to notice imbalances in our breathing. The Maiden loves nature, and it’s the fresh air running through and around her that maintains her energy in the long run.


Animal Wisdom – The beloved and trusted Otter brings the importance of your youthful self and asks you to rediscover your playful side. Otters wisdom advises you to nurture your talents and make good use of them. She also teach you to find freedom in your ability to play. 


Angel Ray – Haniel is the gift of Green, simple and pure. Faith is freedom my child. Find faith in your heart and you will be at home. Ask only for harmony to be your friend and the true nature of desire will visit your blessed garden. Grow secure and relaxed in your inner dwelling, a place where your desire can flourish and your Faith beyond reason will always bring you home again and again. 

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