Attributes and Archetypes: The secret keys to finding your purpose.

Attributes and archetypes are powerful tools in storytelling and character development. Attributes are traits, qualities, or characteristics that describe a character, while archetypes are symbols or patterns that represent a character’s journey.

Attributes can be physical or psychological, such as age, gender, ethnicity, physical features, intelligence, or personality traits.

Archetypes represent a character’s journey, such as the Hero, Mentor, Risk Taker, or Healer. Understanding your different attributes and archetypes can help you create a dynamic and exciting life purpose.

The reason I created a specific set of archetypes that connect women to their Life Purpose is because they’re a great way to help women connect, find clarity and provide a universal language, you can relate to. 

  • They offer you a better understanding of your motivations and desires and can help you to identify your true passion and path in life. 
  • By exploring your different archetypes, you gain insight into your personality, values, and beliefs, which help you to determine your life purpose.
  • Archetypes can also give you a sense of belonging, making you feel more connected to your purpose and community. 
  • By using archetypes to understand yourself and your world, you begin to make meaningful and positive changes in your life and live a life that’s more in line with your true desires.

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