The Longing for Belonging

I believe the longing for belonging is closely connected to our veiled memory of arriving here from our original source and a desire, to one day, return to that source. 

We very quickly forget what it feels like to be connected to our Soul; our source of spiritual happiness. 

The further we drift from our ocean of potential and true light, the deeper our longing for belonging becomes. We wander through life seeking a faint and elusive feeling of a place we once knew that resides in our hearts. 

I’ve experienced profound encounters over the years due to the longing for belonging. It’s led me to travel the globe in search of belonging, which amazingly resulted in retrieving parts of my Soul from other lifetimes. This may sound strange, however, many people I have shared this with have had a similar experience. 

It’s a very deep and emotional longing in one’s heart. And when soul retrieval is integrated there is a sense of genuine completion and gratitude. 

Each year has its seasons and each season has significant celebrations and ceremonies. When we fully embrace and enter the richness of these soulful practices we also can experience a deep sense of belonging and receive something beyond measure, a sensation that our longing for belonging – is connected to a resting place at the core of our being. Allowing our belonging to take root in our connection with heaven and earth. 

The gifts of celebration and ceremony are our personal and collective dharma, they awaken and empower us into a powerful potentiality from our ancestors and the gifts from our past lifetimes. 

As we open our hearts and embody our belonging, we increase our capacity to heal ourselves and others. Our presence becomes a new experience beyond our everyday world and we become an expression of our true radiance and own our timeless wisdom.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Elizabeth

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