Circles, Cycles and Choices

So much change and choice to move through; we are indeed in an accelerated awakening.

If you are on a path of social and spiritual evolution you would know exactly how important it is to stay focused on your cycles and choices and how extremely important it is to stay connected to a Circle of women who you trust and feel safe enough to go deep into the Story your Soul is urging you to share.

I have been working in the area of transformation, what seems my whole life – I started out as a Hairdresser and even had a shot at creating my own one-off Fashion Label. I then moved on to become an Image Consultant, Personal Development Entrepreneur, and now an Archetype Activator and Author, which have all require a healthy dose of transformational magic.

My experience has shown me that the concept of Circles, Cycles and Choices are vital in the process of transformation and having community is also a powerful component of ones on going transformation.

This is because most of us live with some level of emotional trauma in our body and psyche, which can be triggered on any given day.

Being in a community where you’re able to go deep and share these parts of your self is a form of Co-Regulating and helps us to recognise our beauty and divinity again, which helps us to make new or better choices.

I run regular circles for women and on completion of every single circle I am in awe of the magnificence I witness in women and the tremendous power of the archetypal forces working through them.

Each gathering can be a CHOICE POINT, is it time for you to asked the question – “Am I still doing what I truly LOVE?” and if you’re not ask yourself, “Why not and How can I change that?” – And remember you don’t have to do it alone we are all hardwired to be in community.

So, beloved Living Attributes Community I encourage you to go deep and check in with how your circle, cycles and choices are looking.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound


The Living Attributes ethos and community is centred around the connection to your Souls purpose while on your extraordinary visit to planet earth.

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