What stops your progress?

Brace yourself…

It’s Addiction! 

If you want to take your life to the next level and live a larger story – Try this formula for 21 days. 

  • Stop drinking alcohol 
  • Stop refined sugar 
  • Stop taking drugs 
  • Stop binge watching 
  • Stop endless social media scrolling 

And REPLACE them with: 

  • Start drinking more water
  • Start a daily meditation practice 
  • Start a fresh food only diet 
  • Start connecting to nature & people 
  • Start writing down your progress 

We often think we don’t have any addictions, but humans are emotional creatures that are prone to addiction because we have a deep need for connection and belonging.

And when our lack of BELONGING is triggered, we will subconsciously or consciously find substitutes to soothe our lack or loss of connection.

I have experienced my own emotional addictions and been witness to loved ones living with severe addiction since the day I was born. 

And my personal discovery is everyone has different levels of addiction they must overcome to reach their true potential. 

The key to overcoming an addiction is replacing it with an “authentic desire”.

What YOU are really CRAVING are these deeper human needs.

  • LOVE 

And of course, I am fully aware that our addictive behaviours can stem from past trauma, I think by now we all have an understanding of this in our modern world. 

However, we must have a starting point if we want our life to change, which is where the replacement idea and action above can help. 

I also call this the Correction and Transformation Process. We have to identify where we are and then make a conscious choice to replace our thoughts or feelings with a more appropriate desired outcome.  – For example, moving from feeling angry to feeling calm or moving from thoughts of blame to forgiveness. 

But let’s start with doing the physical activities mentioned above. Shifting your focus will help in strengthening your ability to sustain your new reality. When you see your progress it reinforces your actions and supports you to keep going. 

If this resonates with you right now – I encourage you to try it for 21 days and see how it feels to fully take your power back.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound to you and your beautiful Spirit – Elizabeth Ellames

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