The Divine Living Presence

Are we genuinely creating the world we are designed for?  

In order to do this, we must learn to truly love our selves first, like the Divine Living Presence loves us.

We must raise our consciousness and our collective body to a higher level and create a miracle in our world by choosing good over evil, organic over digital, love over fear, humanity over AI.

And become the real Avatars of our Planet!

Your prosperity arrives for you and from you because you can only attract more of who you are. Be prosperity and you will see prosperity.

Harmony and abundance flows through you because that is the nature of creation.

And you must also dive deep into the knowledge that arrives from you and around you because divine intelligence also flows through you and you are here to set it in motion.

I believe that you, me, we can change the world for the better.

Let’s be the change, the new story that is wanting to be born – let’s do it together.

Humanity has entered into a new frequency of LOVE with each other, we must continue to see the highest and best within each other.

That’s what our Creator sees in us. The Creator knowns you as overflowing with great potential, divine possibility, and eternal life.

Our Divine Living Presence is the creator of cosmic good that has no beginning and never end.

Present in each and every individual is a divine and perfect spiritual idea. A light filled communication straight from the mind of the Divine Living Presence that’s waiting for the right conditions to unfold and to flower like never before.

You don’t have to pray to get anything; you only need to pray to let go. You don’t have to pray to get your potential because it has already been placed within you – you are set free because of the point of light in your heart.

Your true potential becomes conscious of itself as your life, you’re not praying to the Divine to give you anything; you’re opening yourself up to the reality of The Divine Living Presence.

The Divine Living Presence may appear in your life as your own unique expression of infinite potential, and you need to find the courage to let it help you evolve.

And if you look into the eyes of another and see their magnificence, see their beauty, see their joy and their infinite potential, you begin to co-create a living sea of possibility that allows you to move out of the mundane.

You can break free from your circumstances and your conditions. You can come forth as a triumphant being knowing that the Spirit of the Divine Living Presence has your back.

The Spirit of the Divine Living Presence has you cradled in a spiritual idea that you must now participate in and foster.

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth

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