Be your own Re-Birth, Re-Set and Upgrade

We are all being called to wake up out of a very long slumber – Sure the last few years have been different, distracting and difficult at times.  

And many unpleasant truths have been uncovered, but the fact is these unpleasant truths were always there. This is why I suggest we first need to be truly grateful that we are being forced to check in to our own truth and reset our own BS barometer. 

Right now, we don’t necessarily need a reset or upgrade in our material life; however, we do need one in our hearts. We are at a very important threshold in the evolution of our humanity and without it our food, and our life will be tasteless. All that stuff we think we need like travel, fashion, fancy cars, sports events, expensive houses, and fine dining, all those things we think define who we are, will soon taste like dirt.

Another way to view this incredible time; when your material life dims, your spiritual life begins to shine.

And by spiritual life, I mean the life that exists between us humans, in our heart-to-heart connections. Only when the superficial lacks its glitz and glamor, will we realize that we truly miss each other, and we actually want and need the company of other people and their support. – When we do this, we will begin to develop true relationships, true friendships, and the beautiful, glory filled world we are longing for will open up to us.

As human beings, our dear hearts and spirit are overdue for a serious upgrade.

So, Shining Ones, let’s stop exhausting our energy by climbing the social ladder and be energized by simply making new elevated connections from our spiritual hearts. – When our hearts are open to each other at this level, we strengthen our bonds, and our efforts reward us with more vitality. 

Never fear the loss of the old dreams or visions. They are now only illusions of the past; our real life awaits when we give up our false hopes. 

Life will be tasty and abundant, again, because it always was!

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound to you, beautiful and glorious Souls of the Cosmos

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