To the Maiden Goddesses…

April is the month of the MAIDEN archetype in the Living Attributes Typology

To you, My Beloved Maiden Goddess – I ascribe the task of teaching people the art of desire and harmony. My Intention is for you to cause them laughter and want freedom so that all they seek and think will develop fullness from inside. As The Maiden, you will always be relaxed, full of faith and flexibility.

And because of this, your relaxed and youthful display will bring about harmony, wherever you go. – I ask that you use your Light and use it well.

Your Animal Wisdom – Your beloved and trusted companion are the Otter who brings the importance of your youthful self and will ask you to rediscover your playful side. Otters wisdom will advise you to nurture your talents and make good use of them. She will also teach you to find freedom in your ability to play.


Your Angel Ray Haniel – I also give you Haniel the gift of Green, simple and pure. Faith is freedom, my child. Find faith in your heart and you will always find your way home. Ask only for harmony to be your friend and the true nature of desire will visit your garden. Grow secure and relaxed in your dwelling I give you, a place where your desire can flourish. Your Faith beyond reason will always bring you home. My Dear Maiden Goddess your Persistent Obstacle will be to overcome the habit of Co-dependency, balanced by your True Quest and Light Law of Autonomy, which you will fondly live and promote. And for your good work, I will afford you the Lacing Laws of Harmony, Flexibility, Relaxation, Freedom, Security, Desire and Faith.- And your Sacred Numeric Codes will be the number Two and the quality of Powerful. Spatial and Numeric Code for FOUR = Productive 

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