Birthing My Book

Dear Shining Ones,

Well, here I am on the other side of Birthing my First Book! And I can honestly say the parallels of birthing a book are very similar to birthing your first child. The conception, gestation and then birthing process are deeply woven with discomfort and delight, not to mention a steep learning curve.

However, I got through it all, and have produced my heartfelt creation; in the form of a beautiful little package… called a B O O K!

When you bring a child into the world, you soon experience the responsibility that arrives with the birth. One becomes fully aware that this new born is totally reliant on you, yet a powerful entity unto its self. – They’re in your care for a while, and then one day they are fully grown and mature enough to go it alone, but as every mother will share… your heart is connected to them for life.

Well, I have a feeling being an author is much the same, I now have two more volumes to complete – Of which I am sure will be a little easier because I’ve gone through this initial auspicious process of emergence.

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth

Excerpt from the introduction of My Story My Soul…

            “What is the problem with the world?

Why are so many things not working?” said the man.

            The Shaman replied: “You have severed your connection to spirit. You have  cut the link. You must restore the link if you want to move forward.”

I BELIEVE THAT THE current global pandemic, along with many other social issues that are surfacing, is essentially connected to this timeless shamanic statement. I write this introduction during our planet’s 2020 pandemic, the “Grand Pause” which has forced many of us to review, reset and reconnect to our life from a new perspective. As humans, we would normally come together and hold each other close for support in such extreme circumstances, but now we have been asked to stay apart from each other. We have been forced to stop and be with our selves.

Our current state of being is part of an extraordinary transition, and we are on what appears to be a wobbling threshold. And we don’t like this level of change, especially when it comes with so much control. Some people have been affronted by the lack of freedom, and seeing their choices being pulled down around them. The sudden changes are panicking some of us, and our fears are intensified by the separation from each other. 

But the sun still comes up to meet the dawn every day, the fish still find their feast in the unseen, and the birds still sing their songs each morning – all because the natural world has an instinctual routine and reason. For life is full of life and it has always had a real purpose. And when we stop to look at what is truly valuable in our world, we see and feel our bounty and our blessings in our own lives.

That’s what happened for me during this time. It allowed everything outside me to drop away, and left me with only the pure essence of who I am and why I’m here. It also helped me to clarify what I need to correct and transform in order to strengthen my truth and my leadership. It was certainly an emotionally challenging period, because clearly my busyness had been distracting me at times.

However, there was no room for being so busy in the Grand Pause, and I was left to deal with what was right in front of me.

Thankfully, over the years I’ve learnt to recognise and quickly correct my “out of balance” behaviour. I decided early on to accept this remarkable time of transformation that we were all experiencing.

In doing so, I discovered that my boon had transformed and grown into a beautiful, new and profound gift; I became the master and custodian of my boon; my purpose, which was birthing me into my new life. I now have a faded memory of a thing called drive, that was my pre-pandemic norm. It has been replaced by a deeper truth that is quietly protecting my destiny.

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