Energy Upgrades

The Lionsgate Portal is always an amazing energetic gateway.

And this year it is particularly powerful… We have four Coronal Mass Ejections headed straight for us. (CMEs), which are large expulsions of plasma from the Sun’s corona. – This increases the incoming energies 10 fold.

You may be feeling some head pressure, and ringing ears or an electrical vibrating sensation. These encounters could begin and continue growing from 8/8/2021 and thereafter. I suggest its time to not just go through your experiences, but rather you fully G R O W through this time!

Your body may experience it as: 

Vertigo, Vision issues, Throat pain, Electrical surges, Teeth pain, Neck and Back issues, Restless legs, Nausea, and Extreme Fatigue.

Your Body and Soul Higher Alignment is going to its next level, I have now started to recognise these time of intense energy, as more of an upgrade to my whole systems body. For example, last night 7/8/2021 I was unusually, falling asleep while watching a movie. I know that doesn’t sound that unusual, but this was extremely intense. Like a total shutting down of my waking system, in preparation for a total rebooting of my system. When I woke in the morning at 10.00am, after about 12 hrs sleep, my vision was very clear(was blurred the day before), I looked out the window into the garden, where the Light on the trees was sparkling with vitality, it felt like pure bliss and full of divinity. It is so important now to listen to what both your Body and Soul are directing you to do.

Something else to consider; This month in the Living Attributes system, holds the number 8, which is also the gateway for the Archetypal Forces of The Blissful Divine Child.

If you have this particular archetype, through the act of Being Loving, you will ultimately, become a gateway for the powerful archetypal force of the Blissful Divine Child. We are indeed living through a powerful and challenging time in human history, but you can co-create with these natural forces that evolve and shape humanity.

The key in becoming a gateway, is knowing How To Be, in order to become, and when you do, your Being-ness opens the gateway for your Souls specific archetypal alignment.

Be brave beloved and embrace your Spiritual Evolution! 

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound

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