Practicing Reflection and Self-Care

As we all move through this very powerful and transformative time, I am constantly reminded of the importance of maintaining my spiritual and physical resonance. 

I have been clearing my light body and balancing my physical body morning and night. 

  1. I meditate often, but at present I have committed to my meditation everyday – My spirit and body are loving it.
  2. And when I go to bed at night I hold my beautiful Selenite Crystal; I cup it in the palm of my hands for about five minutes. – And I do the same on waking. This is a simple and wonderful “recalibration” technique for my whole system. – And I feel the shift instantly

I truly hope you have an effective process and meditation that you are doing regularly that is supportIng you through this incredible time. 

And if not, I encourage you to start one today, you won’t regret it. Actually, I’m sure you will be totally grateful for the support that it will provide you with, on so many levels.

Heart to Heart  And Blessings Abound 

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