Trust is much more than just a word…

Old Models And Systems Are Breaking Down Making Way For Breakthroughs!

In late 2011 and into 2012 I had the honor of facilitating a very special group of women, which then continued in various forms in 2013, and 2014. In the first year, it became clear to me that this was not a traditional facilitators role, but rather I needed to have a more adaptive approach. I needed to be extremely observant, innovative, collaborative and fully present at all times. Now many could say that sounds pretty familiar, and yes one would think so. However, our attention and intentions were also related to something called “The Unified Field Of Consciousness” that we were co-creating with, which indeed is not the norm.

My role was to acknowledge and demonstrate that when a system becomes unstable, that is the time to reorder because this is how nature evolves and we are actually a part of that nature. Hence why, as a facilitator, I had to stay observant, innovative, collaborative and fully present at all times. –
  • I discovered that radical transformation is natures tradition and that crisis truly does precede transformation.
  • I discovered that the new style leader does not show you how it is done, the new style leader simply says YES to the call.
  • I discovered that the number one distinction about being a leader is that your ideas and actions are directed and activated by your commitment to lead.
  • I discovered that problems are fundamentally evolutionary drivers and nature takes jumps through synergy and co-operation.

In this case, it was Social Synergy for the purpose of Social Change –

Now that all sounds easy enough – but what happens first is everyone goes through a personal and collective struggle because our ego thinks it is separate, alone and wants to be in total control. This surfaces in the form of Falseness and Suspicion that leads to Indifference, which then creates Inertia and resistance to creating change. But in these intense and often frustrating moments, because of my commitment to evolving my own consciousness, and our collective consciousness, something extraordinary would always be revealed.

I eventually came to the conclusion that the first 6 months of the year, in our conscious evolution, we were being given the opportunity to experience the concept of Truth and Trust in a very different way. This new Truth and Trust formula was for the purpose of creating Unity. And of course, it was always going to be unity because that is how evolution works – and as humans, we certainly need a lot of truth and trust to get there.

However, my experience was not of my truth and trust, it was more like listening to the actual voice or feeling the light of “Truth” and of “Trust”, in a way they are more like a force of nature. 

We had to access a level of Truth and Trust in our own hearts and minds, which then gave us access to this even greater level that felt like it could move mountains.

It was similar to the struggles we had to overcome as children, which have become our strengths as adults, from the inside out we were overcoming our old internal operating systems and becoming the new style leaders that our world needed.

Achieving a level of success in the first half of the year always prepared us for the next half. We had experienced Truth, Trust, and a taste of Unity now we needed to use those powerful forces to access a deeper level of Unity and Clarity in order to fully experience Glory.

Living with this level of Pure Truth and Conscious Trust we were definitely working with a higher vibrational force of Universal Truth and Trust. And with such Clarity of Intention, we then found ourselves working at a whole other level – for me, the gift has been that Pure Truth and Conscious Trust is the language and impulse of the universe, and how that activates conscious EVOLUTION and that our humanity is indeed a wonderful contribution in that process of evolution.

I am forever grateful for the presence and blessings of the women and communities I work with because they give me the opportunity to build bridges, without an agenda, of genuine truth and trust between people, this is the key to true leadership and prosperity for all. – In this second half of the year, its Unity and Clarity equaling Glory that will visit my life, which of course is going to be another evolutionary experience. These formulas were bedded down in “The Unified Field” a number of years back, but they are still present today and are always ready to grow Truth, Trust, Unity, Clarity, and Glory. It doesn’t matter who I’m working with or where I am, I’m repeatedly called upon to uphold and grow these forces of nature that I am now so profoundly connected to.

So, I am now ready, willing, and available to experience my 2020 level of Unity and Clarity toward Glory. – Heart to Heart, Elizabeth 


INERTIA | meaning, and definition – A disposition to remain inactive. The resistance of a body to change momentum. Sluggish, lethargy or laziness.

GLORY | meaning, and definition – Exaltation, praise, or honor. Something that brings or is worthy of praise.

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