Archetype Makeovers

On the weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a talk on Archetypes at this amazing event Fil Your Cup – I was there as one the co-founders from NOW Social Empowerment Collective along with the others co-founders Cherie Rowett and Lisa McAskill – Plus our dear friend and committed Activist Khadija Gbla co-founder of Desert Flower. This event was exceptional with a very warm and hope filled community spirit due to the wonderful talents of Erin Scammell director of Fil Society.

Here is a bit of what I spoke about on the day and some pic’s of the two beautiful women Ma-Musu Nyande and Malissa Corrie that I did an Archetype Makeover on.

STORY is the architecture of LIFE and ARCHETYPES the architects.

What does that mean?

Well, we often think archetypes exist in an archetypal realm – this is simply a metaphor, and far from the truth because archetypes live in story, as do we – We are all submerged in story at any given moment, meaning that where there is a story you will indeed find archetypes.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of stories across our planet and through out the universe Love, Peace, Ambition, Adventure and the list goes on and on. We are virtually swimming in an ocean of archetypical influence.

  • Archetypes are the original governing forces and stories of the universe and are the patterns of construction for artistic creation.
  • An archetype is a primary pattern of energy in Life, both objective and subjective – which is based upon particular organizing values and codes.
  • Archetypes can’t be pinned down or measured and we can only activate archetypes that are attuned or aligned to our personal story – which then become our particular archetypal flow.

Why do we need them?

First up we have a COMBINATION of ARCHETYPES.

  • Inner archetypes – These archetypes govern our inner world by guiding us toward our inner most values.
  • Flawed Character – These archetypes provide thoughts, feelings and situations, which present as thresholds and bridges that must be crossed in order for us to grow beyond our ordinary self. This gives us the experience of new realm of reality.

How do we present our personal brand to the world?

Next we learn how our STORY and VALUES

• Brand Avatar – This archetype allows us to see how we demonstrate our vocation and connect with others; we see what we can physically offer to the world and why it’s of VALUE.

Big thank you to The Mindful Creative for this great video and the fantastic photos.

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