Our Stories Create Our Value

We are what we share… and we share if we care.

When we tell the right stories we can transform our personal brand into an iconic influence; an artifact and turn our clients, customers or audience into what I term TribeTalkers© and give our vocation and brand an authentic leading edge.

We often think we don’t have a good story to tell. But we do!

There are 8 short stories that we all need to tell, in order to build a value based brand. And it’s really very simple – it goes like this.

We need to identify, clarify and specify our way around the following storylines. Each of the following steps help to create a clear context for your larger story, which creates a vessel and vehicle for good content – your content always need a clear & sound context to support it.

What’s your Passion Story – What drives you?

What’s Your Audience Story – What impact do you make on people’s lives?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Business or Vocation Story – How can you help people?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Artifact Story – What inspired the creation of your product or service?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Pitch Story – What is the person you are pitching to going to get from your brand?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Leadership Story – Why should people follow you?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Media Story – What will make a journalist interested in you?

How do you make others FEEL?

What’s Your Own Story – What are you telling your self about your vocation & your life?

How do you FEEL about yourself?

Good storytelling about your life and your vocation is a skill that’s rarely taught, but when you know and share your authentic stories, you are more engaging, create influence and inspire your audience, your colleagues, your clients and even the media.

Your true purpose in life is to add value, which you can do through your life experiences and creative abilities; this is what makes you attractive to others, you don’t have to be pretty or handsome to have charisma, you only need to connect to your creative self and then demonstrate your talents authentically.

The Definition Of Charisma literally means being filled with Spirit: A person who has harnessed the ability to freely share their gifts, which creates an aura or inner light from them. A Personal Magnetism – The ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest or affection in others by means of charm or influence. A Divine Gift – A gift or power believe to be divinely bestowed. The word charismatic is derived from the Greek word charisma (meaning a grace or a gift)

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