Embracing Conscious Evolution

Sometimes I feel concerned or even depressed by what I see and hear that is happening on our planet?

In a world full of troubling polarities, how or what can I do to find my inner peace, my passion, and the simple pleasures life has to offer. If it’s not climate change or mass shootings – it’s more evidence on the shocking abuse toward women or animals. I can hardly bear it at times. As an individual, I feel powerless, which leads to feeling guilty.

However, what I know for sure is that suffering actually does have a function in all this. Suffering is our built-in mechanism that ensures our survival. If we can’t feel the need for change we simply enter a place of denial and decline, which eventually leads to entropy.


The reason behind building a healthy culture is for the purpose of growth. Any culture, good or bad, needs the right environment to grow. And it’s up to each individual to align with the appropriate culture that they instinctively know will create a level of conscious evolution.

To survive my human suffering, I keep telling myself, “Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution.”

What that means is if we want to advance our humanity we must find in us the same or even greater level of conviction for doing good. The only way to correct and transform these opposing forces and imbalance, which are creating an unhealthy divide between people, is to unite with other humans who also have this suffering of the heart and spirit who also want to create good.


And yes, I know that is easier said than done. We all lead busy lives that distract us from what we know needs to happen. But the truth is, the resolution to these many challenges our world is facing does rest in the application and demonstration of Courage, Integrity, Hope, Kindness, and Unity. – And fortunately, these Archetypical Qualities are inherent in spiritually healthy human beings.

So, perhaps it’s time to remember what stories have been teaching us for thousands of years “that we all have persistent obstacles that we must overcome on our true quest in life.”

Being that – your quest in life or life purpose was never about consuming as much you can or holding on to everything you have consumed. Living your life with purpose is simple – it has always been about finding your true quest in life and honoring it by adding value in the world.


Your higher purpose in life reaches to you through your deepest desires and instinctive nature. Living your life this way and uniting with others who want the same will help you serve the world in ways that you never thought possible. Your gifts and abilities are afforded to you through your spiritual nature and come in the form of your Archetypical Patterning.

These gifts quietly live in your inner world, waiting for you to start crafting your blessings, of which you can share with the world. Having faith in your self worth holds the necessary keys to moving forward in life. And as you go deeper into yourself and heal your emotional wounds the clearer your higher purpose becomes.

The world needs you to wake up to your true potential, not because you’re special, but because your function is to grow your humanity while you’re here on earth. – The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.


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