What is Magic?


I believe magic is what happens when you open your heart and allow your spirit to be your master, more than your head.

See, the real magic happens as a result of divine forces coming into play; often referred to as the “surrounding light” and your spirit innately understands this magical language of Light. 

Positive Change is also magic in action and can come in many forms, the key is to be open to its flowering gateways of creation – My experience has been that working at this level requires two things;

ONE – Do everything in your power to make something work and 

TWO – then hand it over to the Light to do the rest.

Now that may result in a situation looking different to what you thought it might be, but guaranteed it will be the best possible outcome in the end.

In this case, Surrender is also a form of Participation

I share this message with you today because we had a really insightful and special Living Goddess Meditation yesterday – Our Collective Sharing beforehand revealed how important it is to claim your space, inner and outer, especially your body, your home and your place of practice/work.


I personally gained a wonderful distinction at our gathering…

I have been repurposing my space at work – and as a Light Styler that requires creating an extensive and appropriate level of clearing and powering up of the space. Which is for the purpose of providing the highest frequency possible for my clients. Sometimes though, that will mean that some people are not able to stay in that energy – They just aren’t ready for it or don’t understand it – while others simply Love it! 

My tag as a Light Styler is Activation, Motivation, and Transformation that are all connected to the creative power of your spirit, and your spirit is directly connected to the “surrounding light” – once you have made the appropriate correction for your personal and spiritual growth the surrounding light will then do the rest of the work. 

Activation, Motivation, and Transformation are indeed powerful Angels at work in our world.

Thank you to Deborah, Katy, Cherie, and Souzi for your divine presence and generous sharing at our June Living Goddess Meditation.

Blessings Abound

Elizabeth Ellames – The LIGHT Styler


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