From My Mythos…

Here is a short excerpt from my book that I am presently writing…  

The Shining Ones were eager to do their role as best they could and to share their gifts successfully. They were keen to serve and embark on their new adventure together. They didn’t fully understand the task or gift they had been given, so when they asked, MOSHO simply said,

“My Shining Ones, innocently you each believe that another has gifts that are better than your own. Therefore I will allow you to team up and to find your true value through your ability to love and unify.”

And at that moment each of the Shining Ones was excited and hopeful at the possibilities of this new collective mission. MOSHO smiled again and said, “One day you will return home to me – meanwhile though, many times over, you will ask me to relieve you of your collective mission, which will also be an appropriate and necessary part in the evolution of your story. You will go through countless incarnations before you complete your original mission. For which I will give you infinite time in which to do it, but only when it is done will you be at one with me again.”


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