Heart To Heart, Spirit to Spirit, Human to Human


We succeed when we help others succeed

Our first Unite Your Light WOMEN meetup was excellent! We explored our brand avatars and heard about some really exciting social change projects happening here in Adelaide –

I also shared my concept around – “having a higher purpose is more than an idea – it requires discipline and a new consciousness that transcends physical and emotional reality that’s often in entanglement. One must have the courage to cross the threshold into a more social and spiritual reality to find their higher purpose. Moving beyond habitual patterns to higher ground is where one connects heart to heart, spirit to spirit and human to human.”

1 Stellar Team diagram
Levels of Human Reality
Stellar Teams Desired Goal diagram
How we Unite Our Light to create a Higher Purpose

It has been my passion and purpose in life to activate an inner authority in women through social and spiritual development, which builds clarity about their personal brand and their part in the wellbeing of our planet. And that’s why I created Unite Your Light WOMEN… must say I’m feeling pretty happy about what we can create and accomplish together – Thank you, everyone, for being such a delightful group of women.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth 

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Our Next Meetup is September 6th 

details coming soon


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