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Unite Your Light W O M E N


Changing the story of adversity to one of


We often think we need to blame or shame the people connected to the many problems in the world today – but what if we shifted our focus from statistics and how bad everything is and turned our focus on how to correct and transform these problems.

What if together we created a way to shine a new LIGHT on these issues?

Because every time we activate our anger, blame, rage, frustration or even apathy towards that which we want to correct we are directly adding to the problem.

So, what I’m suggesting is, as a collective, we can grow a stronger social fabric; an effective social change network that acts as a valuable tool in creating a shift toward true transformation.

Instead of focusing on the pain, the injustice and horrific acts that we all know are happening, we simply focus on ideas, solutions, and actions.

Unite Your Light WOMEN is a tribe of women committed to creating social and environmental change from street level innovation to global impact.

Come and join us in creating a new story of ‘prosperity for all’.

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Elizabeth Ellames

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Tel – 040 330 9696

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